Dec 10 2013

Harrow Independent Labour: Bill Stephenson “Extremely Rude”

ilg_roseOpen letter from Harrow Independent Labour Group

Dear Editor

At recent Council meetings Cllr Bill Stephenson has behaved extremely rudely and not in a manner befitting an elected member who was once the Leader of the Council and the Labour Party in Harrow Council. For example, his behaviour has progressively deteriorated, i.e. he interrupts speakers rudely, laughs in a menacing manner, talks over people, and his discourteous manner has gone beyond a normal level of acceptance almost verging on bullying.

At a Cabinet meeting the Chair called for a petition which he missed completely but he disrupted this meeting blaming it on his hearing. He has hearing problems like many other Councillors but ironically he enjoys making a mockery of others with disabilities whether it is about hearing or other disabilities. We believe in supporting people with disabilities so they can take a full part in society, so take exception to anyone making a mockery of people with disabilites. At the last Council meeting, during an important debate he made an exaggerated gesticulation at one of the elected members, implying they were mad. This same member had requested his help when he was Leader of the Council to fight the stigma attached to mental health issues. Needless to say the support was not extended. This behaviour is frankly disgraceful and does not suit an ex leader of the Council.

I hope he finds the courage to apologise and restrain from such unacceptable behaviour in future.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Krishna James
Independent Labour Group

So much for the season of goodwill.

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  1. areyouserious!

    Councillor James – are you serious?

    So Bill Stephenson is accused of “Laughing in a menacing manner” and making “Exaggerated gesticulations !!!”. This reminds me of the Not the Nine O’Clock News sketch when an overzealous policeman was reprimanded for arresting someone for being in “Possession of an offensive wife ”, “Loitering with intent to use a zebra crossing” and “Looking at me in a funny way” !!!

    I am not a supporter of labour and would normally love an article which criticises a Labour Councillor but this is just pathetic.

    I suggest you get out on the streets and start helping your constituents rather than wasting your time writing absurd letters like this.

    If you are really that sensitive then perhaps you should get out of politics.

    This is juvenile, petty and a waste of time.

  2. Timeforchange

    This is akin to playground name calling, don’t you have anything better to do ?

    Do you have any idea how petty this looks to the electorate, and could account for why polling turn outs are so low ?

    Surely there is a more appropriate way of dealing with your issue rather than, yet again, having a dig at another party purely for some sort of political gain.

    There is one member of your own party who frequently puts very rude comments on here – perhaps you should look closer to home before starting to throw your accusations around.

    It seems that when Marlborough school move into the civic centre the 10 year olds will be in good company – LOL !

  3. Concerned Harrovain

    What on earth is going on when councillors are resorting to gurning during council meetings? Also perhaps if councillors are annoyed about this they could try ignoring the behaviour. Timeforchange – I think those 10 year olds will be more mature than some of the councillors. The very rude councillor, William Stoodly, could be given lines to write by Marlborough’s teachers. I suggest he writes 1000 times. I must not call Harrow residents/voters thick and stupid.

  4. sonoo malkani

    Calling all Harrow Councillors.PLEASE could all of you refrain from this dreadful malaise of name calling and,distasteful behaviour,which is not only setting our youngsters a terrible example but is making Harrow the laughing stock.It’s almost become like an infectious disease,gone completely out of control!

    For goodness sake,just bite your tongue when you feel tempted to “have a go” at a perceived opponent.!Please stop antagonising potential voters and constituents who are already feeling very confused,and rather anxious about the shameful “carry on”by those entrusted by us to run our borough.It has generated a feeling of insecurity and “unease”among the members of public hitherto unknown.They simply don’t know WHO to trust anymore.Concentrate on what you have on offer to HELP US instead,and work on making us believe in you again!We feel very let down and betrayed when you take pot shots at each other.

    A word of Caution.Should you not mend your ways,the peoples of Harrow may turn on you when you need them most!!

    My most humble request to you all to please give this serious thought.Let’s fight CRIME,not each other.God bless you all and God bless Harrow!


  5. Timeforchange

    Well said Concerned Harrovain and sonoo. Interesting that no councillor has yet commented and that Cllr James has not responded

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