May 15 2013

Harrow Independent Labour Group: Cllr Zarina Khalid

cllr_zarina_khalidCllr Zarina Khalid – Portfolio Holder for Children, Families and Schools

Zarina brings key personal skills to this role:

  • Ability to scrutinise reports and information given by officers to ensure Labour aims and objectives are being met.
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills. She was interviewed about her role as councillor for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and an online TV company. She has hosted and organised many shows.
  • Ability and confidence to help deliver the Labour agenda for Children, Families & Schools

Zarina, a Psychology BSc graduate from Warwick University, started off her career with Brent Council’s Policy and Regeneration Unit, assisting on neighbourhood projects and initiatives. This experience led to further work with Voluntary organisations and Zarina recently left her job as Project Manager for Metropolitan’s housing development department where she managed multi million pound schemes across London, delivering much needed affordable housing and amenities.

Having been involved from a young age with community organisations she was elected in 2010 and swiftly became involved with Children Services and held the role of Portfolio Holder Assistant for Children’s Services and Schools. Zarina then took on the role of Chair of the Education Consultative Strategy Forum and became Lead Scrutiny Performance member for Children’s Services where she enhanced her knowledge of the department as a whole. Having studied child psychology at University and working with Children as a GSCE Tutor part time, Zarina is capable of achieving great success in her role and is delighted with her appointment as Children, Families and Schools Portfolio Holder.

Zarina said: “ Having worked as portfolio holder assistant for Children and Schools I developed an understanding of how youth services works. I am pleased the portfolio for Children & Families and Schools have now merged as it makes much more sense to keep the two close considering how interlinked they are. From the start of my election in 2010 my interest was in the area of Children Services and Education and I have maintained this interest and furthered my knowledge and experience as I took on the role of Scrutiny Lead for Children, Schools and Families.”

[important]The invitation to provide biographies for all councillors has been extended to the Labour and Conservative Groups as well, and should those groups wish to take up this offer, those biographies will receive equal prominence.[/important]

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  1. Jessica (@Julessn)

    When are you going to resign and fight a by-election Ms Khalid? You don’t represent anyone in Harrow. We didn’t vote for you.

  2. Colin Gray

    Why is iHarrow publishing blantant Independent Labour Group propaganda? On this occasion we have Miss Khalid’s (or is it Mrs Sheikh?) delusional CV!

    Cllr Khalid has been appointed to her post by a small cabal of councillors without so much as peer scrutiny of her suitability for the position. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

  3. Ricky123

    I am sick of all you people coming on here thinking they know everything, lets see if i Labour can do a good job. Jessica, so we may have a by-election, Ms Khalid may not win, but what if the person who does win does a worse job. Stop all this party polatics nonsence and wait and see.

  4. Ricky123

    Colin Grey, Delude means to deceive or mislead, so you know for a fact that Ms Khalid CV is Deceiving or misleading do you. If so lets see your proof, if not and her CV is True, then you owe her and i Labour an appology. So the proof or an apology please.

  5. Colin: since receiving the first iLabour bio, I’ve extended the offer to publicise councillors’ bios from the other main parties. Neither of them have responded, which is, of course, their right, and I’m absolutely fine with that.

    iharrow.com might seem to have a pro-Conservative stance, given the articles we’ve published to date, but that’s only because the Labour administration have been reticent when I’ve asked questions (for example, the great FOI fiasco, which continues to rumble on). Cllr Ray, for example, is the very definition of ‘silent’. The Conservatives have been far more open in talking to me, and meeting with me.

  6. Mr A

    I’m truly gob-smacked.

    Questioning someone’s standing in the manner in which Jessica has done is, par for the course in politics – although personally, I wouldn’t have gone so far as to state that Ms Khalid represents no-one in Harrow – after making an otherwise valid point, you took it a step too far there, Jessica.

    What I am truly dumb-founded by, however, is the comment by Mr Colin Gray.

    To somehow construe an otherwise ordinary and somewhat typical personal bio (said with all due respect) as ‘blatant propaganda’, or to take it that much further by commenting on or questioning the marital status of Councillor Khalid when referring to her ‘delusional CV’ would, in itself, be ‘funny if it wasn’t so tragic’.

    What relevance does the reference to her marital status have to whatever argument you are seeking to raise here Mr Gray, and in what respects do you claim her CV to be ‘delusional’?

    I, for one, must say that if she had held the posts which she claims to have done above (and a simple internet search alone suggests that she did), then there is more logic and sense in making a connection between this and her suitability for the role than your ‘argument’ to the contrary.

    Let’s keep it relevant and valid here, shall we?

  7. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Zarina’s CV is 100% genuine and I suggest you retract your statement Mr Colin Gray or risk a libel suit, bearing in mind you’ve been foolish enough not to remain anonymous.

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