Feb 02 2014

Harrow Independent Labour – Leaflet Drop

Harrow’s Independent Labour group in Roxeth have been our delivering leaflets this weekend.

Accompanying a calendar, showing the three candidates for the ward, is a four-page A5 leaflet with their election pledges on, which are reproduced below.





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  1. Harrow Cynic

    The same leaflet was delivered in parts of Roxbourne ward a couple of weeks ago.

    As well as eschewing the use of the definite article in parts of the leaflet, the most eye-popping section is the headline “Labour Party’s secret deal with Tories in Harrow” towards the bottom of page 2.

    This strikes Harrow Cynic as a bit rich seeing that the formation of the ILG and the minority ILG administration (remembered for its shambolic but short tenure) was engineered by Harrow Conservative Party at its highest levels.

  2. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ Harrow Cynic – no it was not not engineered bu the Tories. So you believe Susan Hall barged into a Labour Group meeting and said “Would any of you like to join me?” Now that really is a lol lmfao!! I notice you also eschew the definite article yet I doubt you could write in Tamil or Urdhu.

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, my friend.

  3. Susan Hall

    Now there’s an idea Will, thanks………..

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