Jun 28 2013

Harrow Independent Labour Wiped off the Map by Harrow Council

harrow_council_logo2Today marks the launch of Harrow Council’s new website, and, if you were to believe it, according to the Local Councillors page, Independent Labour no longer exist. Despite there being three councillors for each of Harrow’s 21 wards, the Council lists only 55 of them, and completely ignores the ILG.

Of course, this is probably nothing more than teething problems, but it’s a very unfortunate mistake to make, and, no doubt, it’ll be corrected shortly – especially when you consider that the ILG is, of course, the group in control of the council.

We’ve got a screenshot below of what the council is telling you:


Update:  Four hours later, the Council has fixed this, and the website now shows the right numbers:



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