Mar 05 2014

Harrow Independent Labour’s Residents’ Poll

ilg_roseHarrow’s Independent Labour Group are running a poll at the moment, to gauge what the borough’s priorities are. It’s a fairly quick and simple job to choose your areas of concern, from PCNs to potholes – from religion to schools.

If you’d like to take part, click here. No idea how long it’s available for, nor what the outcome will be, but it’s good to see that Harrow’s political parties are starting to ask the public what they think. All they’ll have to do now is remember what we said…


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  1. jp hobs

    I just looked at the poll and no box for immigration , just shows how far out of touch Labour are , are they all ostriches ? even the immigrants already here say enough .

  2. MR t mills

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWhy not anonymous – do you trust these people?

  3. Marcello Borgese

    This survey is so simplistic as to be completely worthless. It’s also ambiguous – if you mark CCTV/PCN as a priority, what does that mean? Does it mean you think they are so important there should be more? Or does it mean you think it’s got out of control and should there be less?

    Also, if you mark more than 3 priorities it accepts your entries so how can that be analysed fairly when others have entered just three? What if you only have one or two priorities – then you can’t participate!

    I’d demand a refund from SurveyMonkey although they’ve probably gone for the FREE service – ever wonder why it’s free?

    I expect this survey is deliberately vague so that the ILG can (mis)interpret the results to suit their agenda. This is a trick most political parties use just before elections – it makes voters think that politicians care about their views but all they are doing is gathering ammunition for their campaign. But what can you expect from a bunch of ex-Labours?

  4. King David

    Negativity personafied. Some ppl cant see beyond their syereotypes No wonder some of the commentator above never get elected. As for immigration read todays news.

  5. j p hobbs

    Your Royal Majesty King David are you saying the public are not concerned over immigration ?
    if so I believe soon you will find you are very mistaken .

  6. Thaya Idaikkadar

    The immigration issue is very important to us but as a council there is nothing we can do except campaigning.

  7. King David

    JPH – no I infact agree with you

  8. Marcello Borgese

    Just because you choose to call it a stereotype KD, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

    Getting elected as an Independent in Harrow is extremely difficult as the borough is split virtually 50/50 Tory/Lab. Add to that the dirty tricks one can expect if one dares to stand for election against the established parties.

    Cllr Bond is a notable exception but then he is something of a local hero, and an excellent advertisement for Independent politics, unlike the shambles that is the Marlborough and Wealdstone Independents. My message to them: do something heroic then ask people to vote for you. BTW being heroic does not mean changing your political allegiance more often than your underwear.

  9. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    ILG secured over £600,000 extra for social services out of Susan Hall’s Tories’ budget last week. I can think of nothing more heroic than that-it was a tough deal, a tough night and we really had to fight hard to persuade her. If I lose in May I shall leave office with my head held high over that, especially as the last deal-making £300,000 was secured for children with mental health problems. Compare that to Labour’s suggestion-£20,000 for a social woekers’ party-if I was a social worker I know which scenario I’d prefer…

    1. Harrow Dude

      Susie is only replacing the funds she aquired to enable he vote enticing clean up of the borough. I don’t think that the ILG can really claim any sort of victory for that.

  10. TutTut

    Well done Councillor Stoodley although the euphoria of the moment has clearly got the better of you… “social woekers’ party”…tut tut, more attention to your spelling young man, we expect better from you of all people!

  11. King David

    Marcello – Actually you make fair points in your last post. Establishment parties are rotten and win on 30% turn out. If you and others can excite and ensure ppl of Harrow understand their power of vote based on objective assessment rather than party rhetoric then we can change our fate and do something positive. You have also been a lical hero and your input and knowldge is invaluable. As for survey your valid points should taken on-board by the party concerned. Personally I am fed up with establishment politics and their lies.

  12. King David

    Immigration is important issue and should be discussed openly but objectively rather than emotional rhetoric. Even established generations of immigrants whose secind generations have grown up and feel fully part of our proud country express some concern.

  13. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ Harrow dude – no; not so. Go ask Susie-it was all extra dosh over and above what she wanted to spend and ILG have every right to be delighted and indeed proud of that achievement.

    @ Tut-tut – bloody touch-screen cellphones & podgy thumbs have a lot to answer for! (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!).

    1. Harrow Dude

      @Cllr Willy Stoodley – Are you saying that the money that Susie found pre-budget to fund her clean-up campaign/blitz team etc when she usurped Thaya was not garnered from another service?

  14. King David

    Immigration now added to the survey it seems. Harrow Dude can at least try to not show he is Labour Party Cllr

  15. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ Harrow Dude – no idea you need to use Susie that!

    1. Harrow Dude

      I have asked Susie this question on numerous occasions and I have never had a straight answer but with the coincidental or some might say timely resignation of the Corporate Director of children’s services I would suggest the the rumours are genuine.

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