Apr 06 2013

Harrow is a Dump – it’s official, Google says so

An interesting and light-hearted look at London from Google’s perspective appears in Londonist this week. They typed a whole load of London borough names into Google to see what the autocomplete would suggest. They say:

Just for a giggle, we typed in the names of London areas into Google search, to see what the autocomplete function would spit out. The results are intriguing, if also somewhat meaningless. Here we’ve presented one for each borough, using the borough name itself where anything coherent came out, or a large conurbation within the borough if not. Quite a few locales are, apparently, dumps. Heathrow is closed and Sutton is alive. And then there are the spurious suggestions, like that for Enfield, which relates to an Enfield rifle rather than the London borough.


You can see the full map on Londonist here.

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  1. Susan Hall

    Sadly this may become more of a reality. Harrows Labour run Council are reducing street cleaning to once every six weeks and our parks and open spaces maintenance budget has had hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money reduced from it. Keeping the streets clean and safe should always be a priority of any administration, it certainly was when us Tories were in control, I dread to think how filthy things will get going forward. Shame on this current administration, you should be spending our money more wisely.

  2. Morepowertothepeople

    This is very sadly a reality. Many parts of Harrow are filthy dirty and run down already and we have an administration that appears not to care.

  3. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    We care alright, but thanks to Pickles’s megamongous cuts to local authority budgets we are faces with looking after people or looking after places. But don’t blame me-I wanted a referendum on a 5% Council Tax increase so we could either have avoided all cuts or let the people choose to have everything cut. Sadly I am the only politician on Harrow Council with the guts to let the people have a say; the rest of them, regardless of political affiliation, are too scared to let the citizens have a say in what gets cut during auserity.

  4. AllThingsGood

    I call it cowardly not going for a referendum…….Harrow Council are scared of exactly what Harrow residents think!

  5. VoiceOfReason

    i think it is fair to say that Harrow council are NOT intrested in what Harrow residents think! Harrow Council does exactly as it pleases, make decisions without due consideration for the very people that pay its salary bill, and , given that there is no adverse reaction from the people of Harrow, it gives The Council license to continue with its own agenda. Sad fact but true I’m afraid.

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