Feb 12 2014

Harrow Labour Announce Alternative Budget

labour_roseLabour’s alternative budget puts people first.

Harrow faces unprecedented challenges over the next 4 years. The council needs to make around £90m of savings over the next 4 years, with £25m of those saving coming in the first 8 months of the next administration.

This situation has been made worse by the Tories in their ‘reckless, irresponsible and unfair’ budget. To pay for their pet projects the Tories have raided the budgets for future years, increasing the budget deficit by £16m. Harrow’s Tory administration is more interested in spending money on self-publicity than helping residents struggling to make ends meet on low paid jobs.

Labour’s priority is to put people first. So whilst the Tories are buying bins at £1000 a go, we will spend £100,000 supporting women and families suffering from domestic violence. So for every £1000 Tory bin is 3.5 days of Labour funding to supporting people suffering from domestic violence.

Labour will also stop Tory plans to scrap the entire fund to protect the most vulnerable in our society, we will preserve this £500,000 fund to help those in emergency situations. Our alternative budget will bring the community together and will prioritise spending to support local residents.

Cllr Sachin Shah, Shadow cabinet member for finance: “Our alternative budget has Labour values at its heart. That’s why we are not spending £1,000 on a bin but we are spending £1,000 every 3.5 days on dealing with consequences of domestic violence. That is why we are not spending £100,000 on neighbourhood champions leaflets, but spending £500,000 on helping people worst effects by cruel Tory cuts to benefits. Labour values, putting people first, is at the heart of everything we do.”

Source: Harrow Labour Group

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  1. All things good

    All talk. You did not put struggling residents first last year when you hiked the Council tax by the maximum of 2%!

  2. MysticMeg

    And they expect us to believe them? After what they did in Harrow on their watch, Labour should not be allowed anywhere near the public purse ever again!

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