Apr 16 2014

Harrow Labour: ‘Bedroom Tax’ Scandal in Harrow

labour_rosePress release from Harrow’s Labour group:

The Tory Government introduced the spare room subsidy, better known as the ‘bedroom tax,’ to try and force people living in council houses who have a spare room to move into smaller properties.

The policy has come under sustained criticism as it has disproportionately affected carers and people with a disability, with two thirds of people affected being disabled.

In Harrow local residents have been particularly badly affected; a shortage of smaller council properties means that residents have been cruelly hit by the tax as they are unable to move into a smaller house or flat.

Figures show that 577 residents have been hit by the bedroom tax in Harrow, with only 35 being able to relocate to a smaller property. In short, only 6% of residents unfairly penalised by the bedroom tax have been able to move to avoid the tax. The policy has completely failed to fulfil its aims of moving people into smaller properties to make more council houses available for families.

Cllr David Perry, leader of the Labour Group: ‘The cruel and unfair bedroom tax has hit the poorest in Harrow hard. I am proud that the Labour Party has promised to abolish it. In Harrow the Labour Group want to tackle the root causes of the bedroom tax. One of our key pledges is to build more affordable homes by restarting a council house-building program. Instead of penalising people, Labour will ensure residents of Harrow have somewhere decent and affordable to live. ‘

  • 577 affected residents in Harrow affected by the bedroom tax
  • 35 re-allocated into smaller properties
  • So only 6% of residents able to move into smaller properties as a result of the bedroom tax
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  1. Clare

    What about people who have joint custody of their children, my daughter comes and stays for one week with me and then her dad but I have been told her room is a spare room and I should move to a smaller property so where is she supposed to stay then.

  2. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    The bedroom tax can only be changed by statute; it can NOT be changed by a local authority. So how are the local Labour group going to change it, bearing in mind that all but 10 Labour MPs voted WITH the Tories FOR the benefits cap? (And no, Gareth Thomas was NOT one of those 10).

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