Feb 03 2014

Harrow Labour Campaign for Free 20 Minutes Parking Across Harrow

labour_roseLabour Campaign to support our local District Shopping Centres

Over the weekend the Labour Group launched a campaign to support our local District Shopping Centres across Harrow. Labour Councillors and election candidates spoke to over 500 local businesses in our District Shopping Centres – receiving excellent feedback – to campaign for a period of free parking along with circulating a petition in support of the campaign. The Labour Group will be campaigning on this issue right up to the date of the meeting of Full Council when the forthcoming year’s budget will be debated and decided.

Labour Councillors in Harrow have always believed that small businesses are vital to the success of Harrow and its local community spirit, their future holds the key for the wider community to prosper. Local businesses in Harrow bring more than just trade to local communities. Local businesses create a sense of belonging; improve the look and feel of an area and bring diversity which enriches our community cohesion.

Cllr David Perry said: “We are pleased to be campaigning to introduce a period of free parking for our local District Shopping Centres. Local businesses in Harrow need our support now more than ever and we continue to oppose the Conservative Council for scrapping our previous plans for a period of free parking.”

He continued: “It is vital that Councillors listen to the views of local businesses and we hope this campaign will lead to the introduction of a period of free parking in Harrow”.


Now, which one is David Perry in that shot?

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  1. local shopper

    we have heard this all before the public and traders know, that the towns would benefit from this scheme operating throughout the borough.,
    But lets have a time period Rayners Lane only got 3 mths how about i year and see how trial works out

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