Oct 23 2013

Harrow Labour: It Was US Who Saved Schools!

labour_roseHarrow council’s recent announcement of securing additional funding for schools was money secured by the Labour administration as we made sure that no child in Harrow was forgotten. It was the Labour Group that secured the £34.3m of funding to expand primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges and special needs schools. Examples of how this money is spent range from adding an extra form group at Vaughan and Norbury primary schools to providing an extra 34 place at the special needs Kingsley High School.

With the devastating and unfair cuts introduced by this Tory-led government the Labour councillors worked hard to put together a bid for this money that would convince government to give us this extra funding. With so many young people in the area the last Labour administration made it a priority to get extra funding from government to ensure there were school places for everyone.

Labour knows how much value that parents in the borough place on having a good education for their child, and has worked, and will continue to work hard, to make sure this is available to all. Securing this funding is a good example of how the last Labour administration worked for children.

Cllr Bill Phillips, the Labour spokesperson for Schools, Families, and Children’s Services says: “It has been a privilege to play a part with both my Labour colleagues, and some very talented officers, in securing this remarkable amount of funding for the benefit of the children of Harrow- our future. It’s of concern that the spending spree undertaken by this current Tory administration is endangering the gains Labour made in it’s prudent administration of the council’s resources in its three years running the council.”

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  1. All things Good

    Please someone correct me if I am wrong, but in April 2012 Michael Gove allocated an extra £600 million to all of the boroughs in the country to help towards extra places for school children. Brent got the highest award of £31 million and Harrow got nothing because Labour and Council officers had submitted wrong figures the year before? Bob Blackman was so furious that he got in touch with Michael Gove and the DFE to rectify the situation. So am not so sure that Labour have got the whole story straight in this article?

  2. FedUpWithPostering

    Clearly then what Labour meant was that it was money secured whilst they were in power which is slightly different to them actually securing it. This is clearly just more political posturing from the Labour administration and if this us the best they can come up with then thank goodness we now have a Conservative administration !

  3. Timeforchange

    Quite right All things Good.Also not sure what has prompted this statement from Labour anyway, it’s hardly new news??

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