Jan 24 2014

Harrow Labour Launch Campaign to Save ‘Under One Sky’

labour_roseThe Labour Group on Harrow Council today launched a campaign to ‘SAVE’ Harrow’s flagship community festival ‘Under 1 Sky’ following news that the Susan Hall and the Conservative Administration running Harrow Council will be scrapping the event.

The community event was introduced by a past Labour Council in 2005 and to date the community festival has grown from strength to strength with 60,000+ people attending. The Under 1 Sky festival brings communities together to celebrate culture, diversity and community cohesion. Each year the festival attracts both young and old people, families, community organisations and charities to celebrate together.

Harrow is one of the most diverse and vibrant places in London, with a cohesive and strong community and this should be celebrated.

Cllr David Perry – Leader of the Labour Group: “Susan Hall and the Conservatives do not understand the Community in which they claim to serve. The Under 1 Sky festival has a great family atmosphere year after year and there is a real buzz around the place as our communities celebrate diversity together. Tory cuts yet again will negatively impact on the community when the Council should be strengthening community relations now more than ever.”

He continued: “I am very concerned that Susan Hall appears to be rearranging the Council festival calendar to maximise her publicity in an election year which comes at the expense of Under 1 Sky, Harrows flagship community festival”.

under_one_sky_labourHarrow Labour have a petition here, where you can pledge your support for the campaign.

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  1. WasteOfSpace

    David Perry – You waste of space !

    This is political posturing at it’s worse.

    Do you really think people buy this sort of drivel anymore ?

    Grow up and get out of the 70’s.

    Love the picture though – a true representation of people ready to “celebrate culture, diversity and community cohesion”

    It actually looks like a bunch of apathetic Labour councillors dragged off the streets for a photo call. Mareeka in typical West Harrow dress and Christine Robson looking as though she has just been dragged out of bed !

    The Indian dancers don’t look too impressed either !


  2. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    There is no apostrophe in “70s”.
    David Perry is too young to have been around in the 70s.
    No one’s going to smile in a picture representing a serious campaign.
    Councillors has a capital “C”.
    By Mareeka I assume you mean Kareema?
    West Harrow is so ethnically diverse they don’t have a typical West Harrow dress.
    And although I have a reputation for scathing comments on here I would never stoop so low as to accuse a female of looking like she has just been dragged out of bed.

    In conclusion:
    You don’t know how to use an apostrophe or when to use a capital letter.
    You don’t know the age of the leader of the Labour Group.
    You have no idea how a campaign, political or otherwise, works.
    You get the names of Councillors wrong.
    You don’t research your subject matter and you get your facts wrong.
    You stoop to the lowest form of banter – by getting rude and personal about how a lady looks which has nothing to do with saving “Under One Sky” or Politics.

    So I have to say, “WasteOfSpace”, I completely agree with your handle – it’s extremely appropriate…for YOU!

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