Oct 22 2012

Harrow Labour Leader: Champagne Phil Stands Down

As you’ll recall, Bill Stephenson, the current leader of Harrow’s Labout Group, and thus, the Leader of the Council, announced he was standing down for health reasons. This then sparks nomination and election of a replacement, and with a reported six to eight councillors nominated, it looked to be an exciting (well, each to his own…) event.

We hear today, on the grapevine, that Councillor Phil O’Dell, who shot to stardom last week for his decision to sip champagne at an awards ceremony instead of facing questions from staff losing their jobs in his department, has withdrawn his name from the hat.

Champagne Phil, portfolio holder for environment, was behind a plan that would have led to the loss of 53 people in a part-merger of the highways, community safety and public realm departments, which were pushed through Cabinet last week in his absence, despite a number of groups turning up to ask questions.

The Harrow Times notes that Champagne Phil, pictured here without the glass, has missed three of the last five council cabinet meetings.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice story, shame it is rubbish as well you know, but then why let facts get in the way of a good slur. Phil O’Dell’s name was never in the hat so he did not withdraw, nor were there 6 to 8 nominations, but then why not make up a number to make it look like there are divisions when there are none!
    Still it gave you the chance to rehash old news that has been in the papers for 3 weeks running

  2. Dear Anonymous – note the use of the words ‘reported’ before ‘six to eight’ and ‘We hear today, on the grapevine…’ in the article. It’s old news anyway – that was written on October 22, just when it was relevant. I notice you didn’t address the whole issue of Phil taking the night off to sup champagne instead of dealing with the PRISM fallout at the Cabinet meeting, though?

    Cheers, Paul.

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