Jan 04 2014

Harrow Labour: No Comment on the Romanian and Bulgarian Invasion

harrow_council_logoWith all the airtime that Sheriff Hall is getting lately, we asked Cllr David Perry, Leader of the Harrow Labour group for a comment on the expected migration from Eastern Europe. He writes:

The Labour Group are extremely concerned at the rhetoric Susan Hall is using regarding the Romanians and Bulgarians coming to the UK. At present Harrow Council has no evidence as to what impact this may have on our services, until such time, the Labour Group are unable to comment and do not wish to pre-empt what may or may not happen.

Susan Hall should quit playing politics and talking tough on the Romanians & Bulgarians, and should concentrate her efforts on a greater problem facing Harrow which is the huge Government cuts in Council budgets which is having a negative impact on our local services.


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  1. Melanie

    There are many local issues that have not been resolved and residents with no replies to their emails. The question? When is the Conservative group going to register Whitchurch Playing Fields as a village green, as promised many times by the Deputy Leader?

  2. j p hobbs

    At least Sherrif Hall is listening to Harrovians about their genuine concerns , most of my Asian neighbours many kicked out of Africa long ago are as concerned as the rest of us they have worked hard and they dont wish to see the turmoil that further mass immigration WILL bring ,

    I dont know of one other Harrow Politician having the guts to stand up and be counted even the Sherrifs deputies are hiding behind her !!! more Eunuch Powell than Enoch Powell methinks , Labour are they stilll about ? we hear nothing constructive from them if anything at all . Cant wait for the next elections great viewing and a B good clear out ,

  3. j p hobbs

    Melanie you try to get an answer to what is happening about Harrows Stealth cameras , i have been trying for more than a year now and its even big news in the dailys , still nothing from Harrow Cllrs or Harrow Newspapers ,

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