Dec 17 2013

Harrow Labour on Harrow’s Food banks

labour_roseThe cuts introduced by the Conservative Government have hit Harrow hard; the council no longer has enough money to fulfil all of its basic services with adult and children’s services particularly overstretched. To make matters worse, energy and transport bills have gone through the roof. One of the hidden consequences of the cuts is that many families, even those in work, are struggling to feed themselves, resulting in food banks being set up across the country.

It is a national disgrace that London, one of the wealthiest cities in the world, has numerous food banks, including one that is running in Harrow. When in power the Labour Group set aside £2m in our budget specially to help people now being forced to use food banks. However the Conservative group have removed this in their reckless, irresponsible and unfair budget.

The Labour Group’s budget was responsible and fair by setting aside money to help the vulnerable, and we, along with the Labour Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas, are working to protect the residents of Harrow from the worst of the Conservative cuts.

Cllr Margaret Davine, shadow portfolio holder for adult services said: “‘Christmas should be a time when people can enjoy spending time with their family; instead the tragic reality is that many families in Harrow will have to rely on food banks for food during the festive period. Whilst our local Foodbank does fantastic work, it is not acceptable, as some Conservatives have said, that residents of Harrow should have to rely on charity to feed themselves. The Labour Group has higher aspirations for Harrow than this.”

Cllr David Perry, leader of the Labour Group commented: “It is regrettable that the leader of the Conservatives is not aware of the Foodbank, which is doing vital work in Harrow. Despite claiming to be there for the vulnerable, it really seems that the leader of the Conservatives is completely unaware of the realities of life for the residents of Harrow, who are struggling in these tough times.”

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  1. packyourbags

    Here we go again…Labour trying to score some cheap political points over their rivals.

    So the Conservatives have barely been in power in Harrow for less than 3 months yet the problems of the food banks are put at their door.

    Susan Hall,
    not aware of the food banks…really??? I think she probably is.

    The government cuts (lets just remind ourselves here that it was the last Labour administration that bankrupt the country), are again put forward as the root of all evil.

    So what are Labour going to do about it ???

    Since they have been in power in Harrow the answer (apart from to allow more free loaders into the borough and winge about government cuts) is **** all.

    Come on guys you need to do better than this – either support the current administration in your joint goals, or give up your current destructive stance just to get you back into power for nothing more than personal kudos /gain.

    Harrow deserves better than this, we need an elected council that will ensure that best for those that pay for it i.e. Council tax payers, as we are not a charity and need to see our money put to good use.

  2. sonoo malkani

    Please could we put our differences aside in the true spirit of Christmas and get out to help those in need.It’s shocking how we seem to waste so much time and energy arguing and putting one another down.PLEASE remember this is the SEASON OF GOOD-WILL TO ALL.

    God bless.

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