Jan 13 2014

Harrow Labour Press Release: Welfare Fund Cut

labour_roseHarrow Labour Press Release:

It’s not a happy new year for vulnerable people in Harrow. The Tory Government has just announced the scrapping of the £180m hardship fund that protected people who suffered an emergency, such as fleeing domestic violence or not being paid.

This is being matched by Harrow’s Tory run Council, whose reckless, irresponsible and unfair budget, cuts £3m out of a fund to help those most in need. This fund support people those who have struggled to make ends meet with, welfare cuts, higher energy bills and Tory Mayor’s huge tube and bus fare increases.

Cllr Sachin Shah, shadow portfolio holder for finance, said:

‘The cut to the hardship fund means that the Harrow Help Scheme and Emergency relief fund will both be drastically cut by the Tories, removing all safety nets for the people of Harrow.

On top of this, during the current year, the Harrow Tories are not spending the money they have to help vulnerable people, while homelessness rises and rent arrears grow. This is wrong. That is why I can confirm that if Labour forms Harrow’s administration after the local elections, all the underspend in the Harrow help scheme this year will automatically be transferred in to next year’s pot. Unlike Susan Hall and the Harrow Tories, Labour will not balance the books on the backs of the poor. ’

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  1. John Clement

    On one hand our politicians take from the needisest in society, yet spend fortunes on self-agrAndisement and vanity projects like the portrait. We need to give MPs and councillors a much harder time and make it clear to them that they are regarded as amongst the most obnoxious and worthless people on the planet and treated as absiolute and total social pariahs. So when for instance the appalling Blackman or Thomas say anything on any issue -they should be totally condemned and held up to public censure and ridicule and treated like the lowest elements of humanity.

  2. JT

    I would like to understand why we pay more than a years salary (more than 20K+) in benefits to attract people from Europe into Harrow who only pay their taxes through the money they have been given in the first place. This cycle then causes more people to come and use our already over burdened education/health systems.

    Unfortunately, the councillors benefit from this with more votes from “new residents”. The real tax payers cant do anything as we are all busy working.

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