Oct 08 2013

Harrow Labour: Setting the record straight

labour_roseFurther to the recent blatant inaccuracies being circulated by Harrow Council’s Independent Group in what appears to be their consistent approach of self-interest and negativity, the real Labour Group wish to put the record straight.

The Labour Group can confirm that the Leader of the Group Cllr. David Perry and Cllr. Graham Henson have accepted the position of Cabinet Observers in order to scrutinise the recently elected Conservative Administration. There will now be a dramatic change in policy direction from the Conservatives and in the best interests of the people of Harrow it is important that the Labour Party representatives are there to scrutinise and challenge the cuts which will be introduced by Susan Hall that have been passed down by David Cameron.

The important point to remember when assessing how Susan Hall came to be the Leader of the Council is the fact the ‘Independent Labour Group’ all voted (apart from one member) for Susan Hall and the Conservatives. This is hypocrisy and double standards of the highest level. The ILG were elected as Labour and then vote Tory, and the constant slurs and negativity coming out of their offices is a blatant attempt to distract the people of Harrow from their betrayal of their own values, morals, and their electors.

The Labour Group can further confirm that Cllrs. David Perry and Graham Henson WILL NOT be accepting the level of the allowance which was pushed through Council by the ILG and Conservatives.

Cllr. David Perry – Leader of the Labour Group says: “In the interests of the people of Harrow I have decided to take the position of an observer to cabinet in order to hold the Conservative administration to account for the decisions which they will be taking and continue my commitment to residents in working on their behalf. I will NOT be accepting the £5000 ‘greedy pay rise’ which was offered to Susan Hall in June for taking up the same position. I feel that the pay rise offered by the then Leader Thaya Idaikkadar was politically motivated and offered in self-interest to protect his own Leadership and his colleagues’ positions. I will not be taking a penny extra for the additional responsibilities, I did not agree with the Councillor Allowance pay rise in June, and I do not agree with it now. I have already had discussions with Susan Hall in looking into making the ‘Cabinet Observer’ positions a regular feature, but this must be debated by our Groups, the Constitutional Review Working Group and also full Council, because ‘under the right circumstances’ it is a positive addition to the running of the Council.”

He continued: “I refused to sit on the Cabinet under Thaya Idaikkadar’s Leadership because ‘it was a token offer’ weeks after he secured a coalition deal with the Tories, betraying the people of Harrow and stealing power. Under Susan Halls Leadership the role is a much watered down role than it was when she was on Cabinet. Over the past 4 months we have seen this independent Group make unfounded politically motivated accusations about the Labour Group and Party and even the hard working Harrow Council Officers. I suggest that the ILG once and for all stop the constant negativity and political mud-slinging and move on, serve your residents and stop trying to tarnish the reputation of Harrow Council which the hard working staff and Councillors have spent years building up”.

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  1. Dame Betty

    What are the facts?

    1.Former leader invited the opposition to sit on Cabinet as obsevers. Cllr. Perry denounced this. Susan Hall thought it was a good idea, and decided to continue the practice. Cllr. Perry has agreed to sit on cabinet under the leadership of Susan Hall as an obsever.
    2.ILG said that there is institutional racism. Only an independent investigation will establish whether or not this is the case.
    3.ILG councillors did not think that voting for Cllr. Perry would be helpful, as in their view he had failed to uphold Labour values under his leadership. They left the Labour Group precisely because in their view he was not upholding Labour values. It was David Perry’s ambition to be leader of the Labour Group at any cost, and his failure to address concerns regarding discrimination that led members, including 4 past Mayors to leave the Group, not the Party. Rather than investigate the concerns, the Labour Party chose to expel them.
    4.It was under David Perry’s leadership that Labour councillors refused to get up for the Mayor and committed a technical breach of the constitution.

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