Jan 07 2013

Harrow Labour Slash ‘n’ Burn – Mayor’s car excluded

monopoly_moneyWith all the savings that Harrow Council are making – or, more accurately, trying to make – what with not having their IT properly working (email down, website crashing, online parking payments broken, dead phone system, etc, etc, etc), saving £50k by potentially eliminating the Councillor complaints process, and job cuts in Public Realm – we wondered what it costs to ferry the Mayor around the borough. So we asked.

The Mayor’s car is just under a year old, and it cost £24,500. Since it’s purchase, in February 2012, the running cost (fuel, insurance, maintenance, chauffeur cost, road tax, etx) have racked up over £71,000. During that time, it’s done about 10,000 – 11,000 miles (roughly – see below for the exact figures), which works out at £6.80/mile.

Now we’ve nothing against the mayor, you understand. But he’s not the Prime Minister, nor the US  President, so he probably doesn’t need the full armed security detail that Cadillac One offers. Neither is it appropriate for him to be driven around in a 1982 Datsun Cherry minicab, but perhaps he’d like to consider cutting a deal with a local up-market minicab firm to use their cars instead. My local cab firm can get me from home to Heathrow Airport, anytime, day or night, for about £22 for the 10-odd miles – that’s about £2.20 a mile, which would have saved the Council (actually, us Council Tax Payers), around £50,000 a year if the Mayor had taken to using them. That way, they could even afford to keep the Councillor Complaints process going. What, with rate Councillors are finding the Police knocking on their doors recently, it’s got to be an idea worth considering.

Mileage on official business:

2009/10 - 12,098
2010/11 - 9,655
2011/12 - 11,176
2012/13 - 8000 (to date)

Oh, and that personalised plate – HA51ROW or similar? They picked that up for another £300 back in 2000.

Full details of the Freedom of Information Act request (which took them nearly a month longer than the law says it should) is here.

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