Nov 05 2013

Harrow Labour Support for the London Living Wage

labour_roseThis Conservative led government has allowed energy bills, rail fares and rent to get out of control, to the point where even people in work can’t afford the basic necessities anymore. One of the heart-breaking consequences of the damaging cuts introduced by the Conservatives is that people in work have been forced to use food banks just to be able to feed their families.

When in power the Harrow Labour Group listened to local residents and understood that people in work were often not being paid enough to afford the basics. By reducing pay for senior council officers we ensured that all our employees were paid properly- the way we ran the council reflected the Labour Party’s values of fairness and equality.

This week is the London Living Wage week; a campaign that was set up to encourage all businesses to pay their employee’s a living wage. The London Living Wage has just been increased to reflect rising inflation and increases to household bills, which the Conservatives refuse to do anything about. The Labour Party strongly supports the London Living Wage; everybody in work should be able to afford the essentials like transport, food and housing.

Quote from Cllr Graham Henson: “During our administration we were proud to have reached an agreement with staff on a pay package that not only modernised and simplified our employment conditions, but also, and importantly, introduced the London Living Wage across the council, which speaks volumes for our relationship with staff and the responsible approach taken by the council and our trade unions.”


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