Aug 01 2017

Harrow Labour suspends councillor who called Pride marchers paedophiles

Harrow Labour Group suspend Cllr Chika Amadi.

According to the Guardian today, the Harrow Labour group have suspended Cllr Chika Amadi for “social media posts that called Pride marchers ‘paedophiles’ and threatened to unleash the “burning anger” of God on her critics.”

In another Facebook post, the councillor shared a quote from the president of the Gambia in which he threatened gay men and women with prison: “Homosexuality is anti-humanity,” the quote said. “I have never seen a homosexual chicken, or turkey. If you are convicted of homosexuality in this country, there will be no mercy for offenders. We will put you in the female wing of the prison.”

You can read the full article here.

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  1. mike mcfadden

    Nero fiddles while Rome burns. Why not suspend those councilors that gave away £400,000 of Harrows tax monies to those that have never paid a penny and then lay off 40 essential road cleaners.!!! Harrow, council has gone totally bonkers and starting to resemble Tower Hamlets.

    You couldn’t make it up.!!

    Ave a nice day Mike McFadden

  2. Adolf (The Christian)

    I am a happily married straight man. And work with many gay colleagues. They are some of the nicest people you could meet. This women is truly odious and spitfull. Yet another example of some bigot using religion to justify her own personal feelings towards other people of the human race that don’t fit in with her stereotypes of good christians. This country fought against these views during the war. She will be the one who rots in hell.

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    First Harrow is pilloried on television as “Rat land” (and is also known by the residents and business alike as “Horror Council”) and now this. Surely this lady should not only be removed as a councillor but referred to the police for hate crime.

    This pastor??? spends her time gleefully imagining God’s revenge of people of whom she does not approve. Then she quotes the words of the president of Gambia who spends his time peering into chicken coops and turkey farms trying to decide whether the birds are homosexual.
    This lady also ought to be defrocked as she is not fit to be a pastor. Surely she should love her neighbour. In her capacity as councillor and pastor she would have contact with children. Are children’s services investigating her as an unfit person to be dealing with children?

  4. mike mcfadden

    Adolf, You should stop patronizing others. The person making the comment obviously had her reasons and no doubt she doesn’t need you to tell her what to think. We are all aware most homosexuals are decent hard working folk. I know a few that have been together many many years and I was all for civil partnership because of the need and support after one partner dies.

    However, mixed up in that group are some very nasty perverts that want to rape and sexually assault children. I appreciate the same in the heterosexual community but it seem’s in those that flaunt and force their sexuality on others are more then likely to ignore kiddy fiddlers and perverts because of the stigma on their flamboyant life style.

    Try and stop finding fault with others who have a different opinion and look at yourself as the bigot.! We have ended up in this straight jacket of Blair/Brown’s tick-box-culture that has devastated many of the freedoms of expression this country was once famous for.

    We seem to have imported many of Eastern European and Communists customs that don’t mix well with our freedoms and culture that have been fought for over many generations but now the fascist left want to airbrush from history and keep telling us the future is for the young.

    However, it seems there Marxists teachers neglect to tell them that without a passed you can’t have a future.!!

    Remember being offended does not make you right!!!

    Ave a nice day. Mike McFadden
    Someone who doesn’t hide from the facts of life.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Unbelievable hypocrisy; *You* are – by far – the most patronising and bigotted person on this blog. This is usually typified by all your rambling pseudo-philosophical claptrap, too.

      Indeed I strongly suspect those ‘facts of life’ simply somehow actually *passed* you by….

      1. mike mcfadden

        Oh shut up you fool. Anyone else has a say about Harrow House of Horrors and you’re on the defence immediately with your spell checker and shouting racists or bigot. When the reality is you and the loony-left “hate” the truth and normal people that’s why you “hate” so much. You need to get out more and see a decent hairdresser. Then when you look more presentable people may take you more seriously. You bigot.!!

        Ave a nice day. Someone who doesn’t need hide.

        1. Someonewhocares

          Ah – so you ARE part of the thieving – I mean gaming – ‘industry’ then?

          And it would take much more than a haircut for *you* to be taken seriously. I am not sure if calling me a ‘bigot’ is your deliberate stupidity or provocation or simply ignorance. Besides you are much worse than a bigot you are also a BIGidiOT…!!

          Just *Read what you wrote*: You criticised someone for ‘telling others how to think’ and yet that seems to be your sole purpose on here – at least when you are not wandering off-topic onto the same old hackneyed nonsense. Patently whatever happened to you to make you like this was back in the 70s; Can I suggest you address that rather than continually using this blog to vent your spleen about various random -and often totally unrelated- issues!

          1. mike mcfadden

            Oh dear, hairy-biker, Its quite obvious you’re losing it. Now attacking someone for working. “A subject you know very little about.”

            I have complained bitterly about Nu-Labours gaming act of 2007 set up by Billy Liar and Co to create, promote decadence beyond anything imaginable in this country or any depraved part of this planet. Billy Liar or aka Miranda or Charles Lynton thrives on mayhem and destruction of British way of life and values.
            In turn this gives a voice to crack-pots and haters like you. Who find fault in everyone who has an opinion or believes in freedom or the right to choose!

            Our democracy its self has been undermined by the open corruption peddled by many that came here and seem to have been give a free hand to do what they like. Further, while our own go without Harrow house of Horrors openly give our council money to people that should not even be in the country.* Now even a bigoted white hating old fart like you must realise and history teaches us, it will end in tears at some stage for reasons clearly covered on these posts by honest decent tax-paying law abiding citizens.

            Obviously, weak Tory leadership has not helped, its as if Blair’s apparatchiks are still in full control. However, there days are numbered.

            Ha ha ha Ave a nice day. From someone that does not need to hide. One of the few that give to the many. Mike McFadden

  5. Concerned Harrovian

    If you look at this councillor’s details on the harrow.gov.uk website you will see she is involved in Harrow Relate. One wonders what advice she would give to couples seeking help!

  6. Adolf

    Mike. I think she comes from The Gambia not Eastern Europe. But I suppose you know that, being her campaign manager!

    1. mike mcfadden

      No, I was referring to the totalitarianism under Billy Liar and Gormless Gordon straight out of a Communism state manual. So aptly followed by Eastern European countries. I actually know several who don’t like democracy and would prefer others making decision for them.

      Its only when I tell them that a government big enough to give you all you need is strong enough to take every thing you have. They stop and think. ! Maybe that’s why Billy Liar allowed so many into the U.K. Please, not that old chestnut they came to do the jobs British workers didn’t want to do.!!! Why are so many collecting benefits? As Disraeli said lies more lies and damn lies. Let’s face it Billy Liar was a fake man full of @@it.

  7. Wealdstone Warrior

    Oh where do I start, my oh my!!! First this woman hosts a private event in the council chamber rent free, charging for tickets and now this. This story has sent the media into a frenzy across the world wide web. Looking through her twitter account, I really do have concerns. Harrow has enough problems without adding the homophobic rants of a Labour Councillor into the mix.

    Harrow Council
    has made a real effort to be a LGTB friendly work place.

    Very concerning if she is involved in Relate.

    On a positive note she has been suspended by the Labour party, pending investigation. Corbyn and Khan are a bit quiet.

    Potential by-election or a good bye election!

    1. Someonewhocares

      Fair points WW: I have to say I don’t know what it is about politicians at any level who ‘just lose the plot’ like this either; Perhaps as ‘Public Figures’ they should be made to make themselves answerable (and also at a *Public* hearing) so we don’t have to wait until the Elections?

  8. Sonoo Malkani

    This matter must be addressed very seriously and quickly.Cannot believe we have in Harrow a Councillor who raves and rants in this manner and is expressing such hate-filled utterances.Definitely should not be serving on Relate or working for our borough which has had a decent record of treating our LGBT community with respect and as equals,in the main.

    Suspension by the Labour Party is a good first step.Dismissal of such a bigot must surely be on the cards.Any supporters of this offensive Councillor please refrain from attacking all those who prefer not to judge our fellow man or woman and have made special efforts to treat them as equals.Is she really a Pastor?Defies all imagination.

    We live in the United Kingdom and follow a way of life which is different from many other countries.Many may not like this.However the Law must be OBEYED and RESPECTED by everybody.

    Here,we encourage implementing equality for everybody– including our LGBT community as well.Let’s not waste precious time focusing time on this narrow-minded person but go forward making sure we stick to our values and make sure they are upheld.

    “Judge not lest ye be judged!”.Maybe Cllr Chika Amadi should spend time pondering about that teaching from the Bible.

  9. mike mcfadden

    Aargh, before the hairy biker notices, Disraeli, said lies damn lies and statistics. Yeah I know. !!

    1. Someonewhocares

      Oh, so you *are actually checking facts* now? Good: Let’s hope that means your future contributions will be more intelligible and less infantile too…?

      Must admit I don’t recall Disraeli’s stance on LGBT issues either…..

      1. Someonewhocares

        (Adding here my response to MM’s nonsense from 9.49 today)

        No, not ‘losing it’, but actually now *finding it* – notabl. *the primary reason for you being so very bitter”: As long suspected this is not ‘care for your Country’ at all, but is *very personal indeed*- Yes, The 2005 Gambling Act (as was introduced 1st September 2007)!


        -And I note this was long overdue, and governs nearly all forms of gambling, aimed at protecting children and vulnerable people, cut crime and keep games fair….
        “ Operators have to prove they can meet tough new laws aimed at making gambling more socially responsible…and covers gaming in arcades and adult gaming centres, betting, bingo, casinos, gambling in clubs and pubs, lotteries (except the National Lottery) and remote gambling.”

        I also note it was a Labour Initiative; Oh dear, that helps explain all your related bile too!

        And now I see what you meant by ‘freedom’. You meant the freedom of the Gambling “Industry” to pick the pockets of the most vulnerable – of course……

        Well at least we now better understand your bitter/bizarre stance on so many things; A Law aimed at Social Responsibilities – but that no doubt also impinged on your “employment”!

        Thank you for revealing that; ‘Normal’ folks don’t usually get so twisted and negatively vociferous without ‘due cause’. You will forgive me for not having any sympathy whatsoever though!

        Now I know what is ailing you I won’t bother correcting all your other Xenophobic etc remarks

        (Apologies to anyone else reading this and wondering why it was so off-topic though:
        A ‘mystery’ was just solved and a ‘suspicion’ also founded !)

        1. mcmc303@gmail.com

          it comes across you’re as nutty as a fruit cake.

          The 2007 act stops any freedom of expression it allowed heavy gambling on our high streets pubs in our homes on TV on our mobile phones. The level of illegal machines in public places is at a level never experienced before. There is no escape for the problem gambler. Something no other country allows. All part of Blair/Browns attempts to create a decadent society. !!

          However, what on earth has that got to do with rat infested Harrow House of Horrors and what seems huge amount of illegals living in the borough the manner they live. Further, the extent of terrorists activity is very scary.

          I’ve obviously touched a never in my previous comments so you feel the need to throw all Labours “isms” as a means of stopping free speech.

          Ha ha ha Its not working, you lose sunshine. Ave a nice day.

          Ps: get out more!!!

          1. Someonewhocares

            Learn to read: And it’s the 2005 Act as I stated before


            You do know we don’t have a Labour goverment now (and have not done so for 10 years) right?

            That said I was really pleased to note (in the previous wiki leak) to see that it was Brown who as PM pulled the plug on Supercasinos.

            As for it ‘not working’ why do you think so few others bother to respond to you? Well it’s mainly because they saw *a long time ago* that *nothing actually works with you* (common sense/facts/decency/etc) Sadly you are just “too far gone”: Seek Help (and yes I am serious).

          2. Someonewhocares

            Incidentally (MM) why are you not using your real name now I thought that was a problem for you?

            Ok, whilst I realise that you spout the same old garbage across many threads, your ‘big reveal’ about being part of the (thieving) Gambling ‘industry’ was on the other recent “Bad Behaviour” one. Unfortunately I am not going to ‘bite’ this time as you patently need this kind of conflict in order to release your own unpleasant (internal) ‘Little House Of Horrors’.

            You most obvious problem however is accusing others of what are actually your OWN issues however. So yes, do seek help, and be quick about it, you do seem to be getting even worse (Yes again I am absolutely serious). Perhaps you should just show some of your most cryptic nonsense to a trained professional. Again it’s all simply a classic case of:


        2. red mirror

          gambling like bigoted hate filled remarks about the lgbt community is a terrible thing i wonder how many children go hungry because dad has done his bxxxxxs on the roulette wheel fobt terminal how many purses robbed payday loans taken and suicides? oh that’s alright its free choice yeah right !!!!! well done someone for highlighting what needs highlighting all the best.
          ps long hair rules.

          1. mike mcfadden

            Red Mirror,
            what are you on about? If you are trying to implicate me, I have nothing to do with roulette or betting shop terminals encouraged under Blair/Browns decadent years.
            I fervently opposed Blair’s tick-box-culture mass gambling arrangements. I could see the danger of unfettered gambling just like the dangers of unfettered immigration.
            It was all based on loony-Labour lies.

            See what bigots you’ve become by making up stories “lying” and denying free speech? You lot definitely need help with your nasty psychotic behaviour and intolerance towards others!

            Like the hairy-biker I respectfully suggest you get help. ha ha ha you dope. If you only realise how stupid you sound making unsubstantiated claptrap you know nothing about.

            Let me remind you, people only think you’re a fool until you open your mouth and confirm it!!!

            Ave A nice day.!!

            Mike Mcfadden Someone who doesn’t need to lie and cheat to make a point. !

          2. Someonewhocares

            22 December 1994 – 03 July 2001 Michael Charles Mcfadden worked as a Director (COMPANY DIRECTOR) in LICENSED GAMING AND ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION

          3. mike mcfadden

            Red Mirror
            One further point, you say how many children go without because their fathers gamble all there money away. How many children in decadent Britain know their own fathers? Most of the mothers don’t seem to.!!!

          4. Someonewhocares

            RM: Guessing that was aimed at ‘Mad Mike’? I wonder how rattled he is I put up the additional information about him above, including the .pdf link showing his Gambling License was just revoked!

            I expect he will reply next with some more bile about how he is “not actually involved in the ‘most insidious’ gambling activities himself”?

  10. Christopher Langley

    I am afraid Cllr Chika Amadi attitude toward LGBT citizens only illustrates the parallel society which has developed in both this country patrs of Europe and in the USA. Amply illustrated by the “Trojan Horse” schooling promoted by elected School Governors; the practise of Female Genital Mutilation, vote rigging in Tower Hamlets and the strident call for more faith schools which, in my opinion, divide people from one another

    Of course, the issue of Gay men and society is nothing new, Tim Farron almost choked to death when asked to support the rights of the LGBT Community. Should one trawl through the background of some of this country’s current political heavyweights, who are running this country or have aspirations to do so, their voting in the House of Commons on such issues suggests that theywould not happy if a gay man “moved in next door.”

    Religion of course is a major problem, as it is with so much, and the fear of the faithful stepping outside the box and not following the rules written down by some very conservative thinking God’s even when homosexuality was widely practised but mis understood doesn’t help but castrating boys to sing castrato was seen as perfectly normal.

  11. Wealdstone Warrior

    Her Council profile is now showing as being an independent. https://www.harrow.gov.uk/www2/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=10866

    On her twitter account she mentions she is no longer a Labour councillor, but not suspended. Has she been turfed out of the Labour Party for good? One less seat in Harrow for Labour.

    Would it now be up to Harrow Council, Peart or Lockwood to remove her completely? How does that work in terms of the electorate who originally voted for her as a Labour Councillor rather than as an independent? Can a by-election be called?

    1. Someonewhocares

      From previous similar examples (elsewhere) WW I suspect this would *not* necessarily trigger a by-election (in part as next May is not that far away): Can I suggest you ask her (previous) colleague Cllr. Kendler?

      As far as Peart is concerned I also note she has a Law degree and so it may be (relatively) easy for her to avoid removal on (m)any grounds, she will ‘know all the tricks’… unless what she has said could -arguably- be considered actually illegal.

      1. Someonewhocares

        Did some quick checking and as far as I can tell NO – a by-election can not be held because of this: The most common reasons for a by-election are death, or ‘resignation from office for person reasons’ and …occasionally… (proven) insanity….

        1. mike mcfadden

          Ha ha ha Occasional “proven” insanity. We that should be easy with the Loony-Left making all sorts of allegations and mischief. Looks like you’re getting close for a change.

          Ave a nice day. Mike McFadden

          1. Someonewhocares

            I will only start worrying when I get half as bad as you are “sunshine”!
            You-KIP if you want to: The rest of us are awake….

            PS: Are you quite sure your not actually Nasty Nigel? I have not heard him
            say anything good about anyone (other than himself) either….

          2. red mirror

            oh dear we are rattled aren’t we? address that shadow asap before it totally consumes you .
            have a nice therapy.

  12. Sonoo Malkani

    Who would pay for the By- election if it was called?I thought our Council was broke!

    Cllr Amadi is showing herself co-hosting the Jesus Festival 2017 in the latest Harrow Times on its cover from August 9 to 13,at Sudbury Primary School in Wembley.

    I thought she might have been sacked from her position after bringing the post of Councillors into such disgrace.Most unfair.No wonder politicians get such a bad name.

    1. mike mcfadden

      Sonoo Malkani

      you seem to be at many of the council meetings or discussions. Perhaps you should have a better idea then most.

      If Harrow council is so broke they had to recently lay off 40 road cleaners. Why and how could they give £400k of our money away to newly arrived immigrants?
      Harrow is a grossly over crowded over taxed rat infested borough that apparently has one of the highest level of TB found in the Weston world. How much longer can we put up with this Harrow House of Horrors.

      Yet, everyone seems to want to castigate this woman for a few misguided, misplaced words. She’s obviously not very keen on homosexuals and that’s her choice. Get over it, its only words. Like many of Loony-Labours promises.

      However, she has that right in our once free and tolerant country to be different. God help us when we all start wonder around like Zombies calling for Corbyn to save the world. Like B.Lair and Gormless wanted us to do.

      Harrow needs help from all sides and must end this infighting or end up in the gutter. Personally, I feel the government should send in a task force to help sort out Harrow’s alleged neglect and/or mismanagement then the councillors comments will seem insignificant.

      ha ha ha you couldn’t make it up. Ave a nice day. Mike.

      1. Someonewhocares

        ‘Congratulations’ you effectively spoiled (yet) another thread with your irrelevant garbage.

        Harrow does not need help; YOU do, surely?

        1. mike mcfadden

          Someonewho hides, Your opinion only and its clear you try and steer anyone away from asking question about Harrow and what looks like gross mismanagement. Your mates tick-box-culture again? Who pulls your strings and pays your wages?

          1. Someonewhocares

            No, like most bullies you simply like to pick on anyone who you think can/will not answer back and that’s why you don’t like the fact that I do.

            That aside I (and others on here) have also come to realise that the other primary reason you are so unnecessarily unpleasant is because you actually like it. Sad, very sad…….

        2. red mirror

          someone i applaud your valiant efforts to enlighten the purveyor misery from the house of the rising but alas the dealer always has to protect his business interests irrelevant of the wake of destruction keep up the good work always fact based humorous and balanced i thank you..

  13. Someonewhocares

    We have already established there won’t be a by-election…. Unfortunately this ‘insensitive individual’ may not have actually broken the Law (either by accident or design)…

    Politicians get a bad name because they can go to prison and keep their ‘Lord’ title or fiddle their Expenses and stay an MP (or for that matter steal from Pension Funds and still be a ‘Sir’) etc… This all sets a truly dire example – and should be changed – of course.

  14. mcmc303@gmail.com


    You have the audacity to call me a bully, when you’re the one that attacks all that question Harrow House of Horrors ability to run the council efficiently.

    As I’ve stated before Nu-Labours tick-box-culture is greatly offensive to our culture and way of life and best suited to Communist Easter Block countries.

    Even the dirt you tried to dig up on me for speaking the truth speaks volumes about your behaviour taking issues totally out of context to try and score points is, in itself offensive.
    If you’d like to know about the Gambling Commission. It’s an organisation which is the epitome of Nu-Labours tick-box-culture and not fit for purpose, bordering on corrupt.

    Furthermore, as stated before, as long as you pay them you can do what you like. This has lead to massive unfettered gambling on our streets and in our homes even in motorway rest area’s where tired long distant drivers gamble away MILLIONS of pounds each week instead of resting. This may account for some of the many lorry accidents we hear about daily on our motorways. Something incidentally I was bitterly apposed to. Just further subterfuge from B.Liar and Co to fire-up their decadence towards the English. *

    Now, you answer some questions. Who are you and who pays for you to guard Harrow Council and its dubious activities? Try answering the questions instead of using double talk and offensive behaviour to hide all the time. Try thinking for yourself using your own words for a change.
    Life has taught me, those that need to hide are generally liars and cheats that can’t face the truth.

    I’m sure tax-payers would like to know if you’re one of the Five Thousand Five Hundred most of whom seem to be ghosts, allegedly working for Harrow Council.

    Ave a nice day. Someone who does not hide. ha ha ha ha you couldn’t make it up.

    Mike McFadden

  15. iharrow.com

    And at that point, we’ll draw a close to this discussion.

  16. Ijaz

    I would like to write about my recent experience with Harrow Council and my planning application for an extension to my family home. I feel that I have been discriminated against and treated in an unfair way, in particular the way in which two councillors, Cllr Marilyn Ashton and Cllr Stephen Greek have used their power and have themselves not been impartial, this I feel is a breach of the Councillor’s Code of Conduct. To summarise, I paid for the whole pre-application advice process with Harrow Council Planning Department following very recommendation from them in my final plan before I submitted it. Plans were submitted, and I was told by the planning officer that the decision was to grant planning permission, but that it had now been halted at the last minute. My application had been called-in to the Planning Committee for the Councillors to decide and the way it had been called- in was very unusual. Usually for a planning application to be called-in a specific protocol set down by Harrow Council has to be followed. However, in this case my neighbours who objected to my plans had contacted Cllr Ashton, who had nothing to do with the planning committee or my ward area. She had told my planning officer to instruct Councillor Greek if the decision was to grant. He then decided to call the application to the planning committee meeting , without following any protocols. This was meddling behind the scenes, councillors using their power without following protocols that are put in place for fairness and transparency. I feel that they gave my objecting neighbours an unfair advantage and that their actions were unjust and discriminatory and a breach of the Councillor’s Code of Conduct. This delayed my application further and caused considerable stress for myself and my family. We pay for council services and even after complaining, my complaints have fallen on deaf ears and I have been left feeling like a third class citizen.
    Mr Rama, Harrow resident

  17. Wealdstone Warrior

    Ijaz – what has this got to do with this thread or topic of thread? I’m not an expert on planning committees, but I assume there was good reason to halt the planning permission due to the Council & planning committee upholding your neighbours objections. There must have been reasonable grounds not to grant planning permission due to a reasonable objection. Do you have this in writing if so what was the objection?

    Who else was on the Committee, were there any Labour Cllrs or others, if so who were they and did they object? I suspect we are only getting a snippet of the story from you and not the whole one.

  18. Sonoo Malkani

    How does this fit in with what we have been discussing at such length?Seems like a red herring just to divert attention—something politicians do regularly ,the world over,when they have to deal with anything nasty,side-tracking the public’s focus from the issue in hand.Sorry to sound so cynical.

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