Apr 28 2015

Harrow Labour to Shuffle Council Cabinet

dave_noheadIt seems that the Council Leader Dave (pictured right) is to shuffle his cabinet around, resulting in the ejection of Cllr Davine from the top table, and replacing her, post shuffle, with some new blood. Davine, of course, is a bit of a wild-card: despite saying she feels it important to represent the views of residents in her constituency, she choose to ignore their views over the Welldon Park School amalgamation, and voted to bring the schools together, in what might have been seen as a last-ditch effort to retain her seat on Cabinet, and the generous allowance that accompanies for it. Davine, when questioned, denied she’d been booted, saying she’d “stood down” instead.

In addition to Davine losing her Adults and Older People responsibility, a couple of other councillors get shuffled, and one of the newer councillors will also join cabinet.

But, if current rumours are to be believed, it may be that Dave’s leadership is also under threat, and his number two, Cllr Keith Ferry may be a contender for the role. It is, of course, Cllr Ferry who runs the show, with Dave putting in his customary two days a week and doing the occasional walkabout in a pretence of keeping in touch with the public.

No doubt they’ll be more to come on this in coming weeks.

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  1. Elijah Traven

    iHarrow seems to be a pocket Tory battleship.

  2. mike mcfadden

    Shuffling the council cabinet ! Is that the same as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic ?

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    It looks as if the wheels are coming off the Perry/Ferry comedy duo. Strange world politics because you know the opposition will always be ready to attack. What they have to watch out for is the unexpected ambush from one of their own colleagues sitting behind them.

    Wonder how much the Ferryman will charge Harrovians crossing the rivers Pinn/Wealdstone Brook to enter Hades. Whoops Harrow!

  4. Harrow Cynic

    Ho hum. The usual impartial analysis from iHarrow of the local political situation………

  5. sonoo malkani

    No surprise this is happening.It’s to be expected after a year in which all Harrow has experienced is cuts to most of its services.Many more in the pipe-line.Of course,the present administration will protest it is not their fault but that of the opposition..

  6. Forwardthinking

    Let us hope the rumours are true and that David Perry loses the leadership. He has got to go down as one of the worst leaders in recent history. Completely ignores what the residents want and works part time! Shoddy!

  7. mike mcfadden

    It will make no difference if Dave stays or goes because Labour is nothing more then an Ideology that things will work out well if you throw other peoples money at it. “forever as it seems” A Labour government/council can only screw things up because there is nobody who is courageous enough to put things right. Their understanding of life is, its always the fault of the rich “whoever they are” But they forget to look at themselves. The reason Blair was so successful is because he lied with great passion and managed to convince himself. Sadly, most of our politicians have followed suit. Adolph Hitler in Mien Kampf said its easier to lie to people then convince them they have been lied too. However, like all good scams they come to an end at some stage. Now sadly Britain has been brought to it knees by very devious people who have skilfully used Marxist rhetoric combined with subterfuge to unhinge the country.

    Ha ha ha “Things can only get better” Now I wonder who said that?

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