Dec 10 2013

Harrow Labour: Tory Budget is “Reckless”

labour_roseToday’s budget by this Tory administration is one of the most reckless, irresponsible and unfair budgets in Harrow’s history.

The Leader of the Council, with this budget, is continuing her reckless streak after her dictatorial deleting the post of the Chief Executive last month. Through blatant electioneering Susan Hall has increased the future deficit facing Harrow Council tax payers by over £8 million pounds in the coming years.

Cllr David Perry, Leader of the Labour Group said: “This reckless, irresponsible and unfair budget is what we have begun to expect from Susan Hall. I’m proud to lead a Labour party in Harrow, who will always put those most in need at the centre of what we do, while ensuring the Council is on a sound financial footing. This Tory budget does this complete opposite and £3m has been taken away from helping people most in need in order to pay for Susan’s populist election campaign niceties”.

[pullquote align=”left” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]”This budget is irresponsible…”[/pullquote]This budget is irresponsible. It is vital that during times of cuts the Council has robust contingencies budgets to deal with the unexpected. This is why the Labour administration increased the contingency within the budget. However, this Tory incompetence puts extra risk on the council finances by reducing this figure from £5m to £1m; this reckless move will leave Harrow open to financial ruin if the Council face unexpected circumstances or additional budget pressures in various services.

The Leader of the Council says her administration will be ‘fair’, but the reality is this budget is anything but fair. It removes more than £3m from the amount Labour set aside for looking after those residents who are most in need following government cuts.

Cllr Sachin Shah, Shadow cabinet member for Finance said; “This reckless, irresponsible and unfair budget is completely unacceptable. Their budget makes me angry, not because I am the shadow cabinet member for finance, but because I am a resident of Harrow. They are putting Harrow on a completely unsustainable path. In 2010, Harrow residents gave Labour a mandate to run the Council. One of our first jobs was the fix the financial mess left to us by the Tories, including a bust contingency fund, an under-funded children’s service and the mammoth overspend at the Whitmore High School rebuild. If Labour wins the 2014 election, this budget shows we will again have to fix the Tory mess left to us. If Labour’s job in Harrow is to always fix the Tory mess, then that is what we will do”.

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  1. fairsfair

    What is not fair, and some would say reckless, was Labour putting up the council tax by 2% this year (and they were going to put it up by another 2% next year), purely, as it seems, to sit in a contingency fund.

    There has to be a balance between having a contingency and expecting the residents to fork out more cash each year for it to sit in the Councils coffers.

    Well done Susan for putting the money to good use whilst retaining an element of contingency – without going into the red.

    Oh yes, and whilst talking about government cuts lets not forget why the government is having to make these cuts. Who was it who left office saying “Dear Chief Secretary, I’m sorry to tell you there is no money… kind regards and good luck” – wasn’t it Liam Byrne the Labour Chief Secretary to the Treasury ?

    Some people round here have very short memories.

  2. sonoo malkani

    Instead of our Councillors attacking each other publicly why don’t you all show a bit more maturity and sit down with a GENUINE desire to compromise and concentrate on issues affecting us poor citizens of Harrow.

    It glaringly obvious,not only do our Councillors need LESSONS IN ETIQUETTE but also CLASSES IN ANGER MANAGEMENT.You are here to SERVE your public.Please,bear that in mind!.

    As a volunteer and housewife of senior years,a FREEZE IN COUNCIL TAX is most welcome!!Every penny counts!That does not mean there is no room for flexibility in budgets.It is steep a learning curve for us all.Nobody is the Oracle.Please stop sqaubbling like school children and get around the table with collective contributions of real worth to Harrovians.

    One gets the strong feeling that PERSONAL EGOS have taken precedence above the needs of Harrovians.Can you afford to make us feel “let down?”Time for some introspection.

    No single party in ANY part of the world today can put their hand on their heart and GUARANTEE that their strategies and plans will succeed.Nothing is forever!Such is the state of the World economy,European,UK and local economies.We have a long,long way to go before we climb out of the deep economic pit we were left in.Let’s not go there!Just concentrate on moving forward,step by step so we are rewarded with success.

    The cross-roads we are at makes it all the more important for us to PULL TOGETHER, for the greater good!For Heaven’s sake,demonstrate to your public that you REALLY CARE for us FIRST and then happily pursue own agendas.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.There is NO CHOICE.We MUST work as a TEAM to achieve success of the kind we all hanker after.


    May the Magical Spirit of Christmas and the Season of Goodwill and Friendship cast its spell on us and bring Peace in its wake.God Bless.


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