Sep 17 2013

Harrow Labour: We would have promised a freeze in Council Tax, honest, guv!

labour_roseLast night Susan Hall (Conservative) was elected as Leader of the Council. Given the track record of the Conservatives in Harrow, the Council’s finances could not be in more unsuitable hands.

One of the most important issues facing the Council is the upcoming budget and the future vision of the Borough, therefore, if elected last night, the Labour Group would have announced a freeze in Council Tax for next year.

The Labour Group on Harrow Council recognise the fact that we need to put more money in the pockets of the people of Harrow especially when Boris keeps announcing inflation busting increases in tube and bus fares year after year. This 0% Council Tax proposal would have helped those residents most in need. Harrow’s residents have suffered enough from the Tory Government cuts and therefore we call upon Cllr. Susan Hall to follow our lead and freeze Council Tax.

Cllr. David Perry – Leader of the Labour Group said: “Last night if elected Leader of the Council, I was ready to announce a freeze in Council Tax for next year’s budget. Whilst in administration we worked hard to deliver the recent budget underspend and was quite rightly prepared to reallocate money to supporting the 0% proposal. The residents of Harrow have suffered enough from the Tory Government Cuts and therefore I, and the Labour Group, were ready to take this decision and be on the side of residents”.

Source: Harrow Labour Group

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  1. Praxis Reform

    If I’d been elected from the gallery, I would have bought everyone in the borough a jetpack…

    It’s easy to say these sort of things in hindsight.

  2. AllThingsGood

    Really! There was no reason for the Labour group to put our Council Tax up this year as the Tories called for a freeze across the board! I am not a Tory voter but it is the ILG this time with their stupid ideas of holding on to power at all costs that lost them the vote last night!

  3. Praxis Reform

    Thinking about it, Cllr Hall’s group must have been complaining to her like billy-o, that ILG had all the interesting looking jobs, whilst their own members had very little. So, facing a leadership challenge of her own, or a push for power and the chance to set the agenda for the next local election, her choice would have been a simple one.

    Official Labour pushed the ILG into a corner and gave them no route for a climb-down. Thus, the ILG could never have held onto power with both major groups challenging them, even if they could have mustered support from the ragbag of independents and minor party councillors.

    I suppose the noble thing would have been for ILG members to all to have abstained. But as I said on Twitter at the time, they’ll get crumbs from the Conservatives, or an empty plate from Official Labour.

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