Sep 17 2013

Harrow Labour: We’re Disappointed with Tory Grab for Power

labour_roseThe Labour Group is very disappointed with the result of the Leadership vote at the full Council meeting on Monday. At the 2010 Council Elections the people of Harrow overwhelmingly elected a Labour Administration to run Harrow Council. In May the Labour Group was sacked overnight and a coalition of Independents and Tories took over the running of Harrow Council based on self-interest and greed.

Last night the Leadership vote was a sad day for the people of Harrow, because not only has democracy been ignored, but also front line services are at risk of further cuts. The Council has been destabilised yet again by Susan Hall’s personal ambitions and has played politics at the highest level with yet more back room deals.

The Labour Group now wants to move on from this latest destabilisation of the Council and continue to hold the Leader of the Council accountable for the decisions that are being made. The Labour Party in Harrow will continue championing the interests of the people of Harrow and put the needs of Harrow first.

Looking to the future, the Labour Group wants to work with residents on local issues such as stopping the expansion of RAF Northolt, campaigning for a better government financial settlement and arguing against the conversion of office space into second-rate housing and protecting the people of Harrow who are most in need.

Quote from Cllr David Perry, Leader of the Labour Group: ‘Last night’s leadership result was a huge disappointment; however it will not deter me and the Labour Group in Harrow from continuing to put the interests of the residents at the forefront of our efforts. Harrow Council has suffered enough from the national Tory Government cuts, and now we have Susan Hall who will push through David Cameron’s cuts in welfare, and other services that the most in need people in Harrow rely upon.’

Source: Harrow Labour Group

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