Mar 10 2015

Harrow Labour’s £75 Tax on Gardens and Green Spaces to Continue

harrow_council_logoWord just in from the Civic Centre is that Harrow Labour’s tax on open spaces, gardens, trees, bushes and flowers will go ahead, despite being challenged by Harrow’s Conservative Group backed up with a 3,000-signature petition.

The tax, which comes in later this year, will see residents charged £75 a year to have their – and others! – garden waste taken away. No mention so far on whether this will save the council money; no mention on what should be done when the trees maintained by the council end up dropping leaves into people’s gardens; no word on whether the council would happily see all plants, shrubs and flowers removed from gardens to avoid residents having to pay the tax.

Clearly, 3000 residents who were against the garden tax, will feel ignored all over again. But well done to those that signed, and to Cllr Hall for taking up the battle.

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  1. st

    Not unexpected but still a bitterly dissappointing result. The fact labour havent published their projected savings says it all. We can look foward to more paved over gardens and fly-tipping. Thanks, labour.

  2. Sarah

    I will be keeping my windows firmly shut when all those Sunday early evening bonfires start.

  3. Rosalyn

    Having attended the meeting I am now clear on the following…they haven’t yet decided whether the unwanted bins will be destroyed/recycled or put in storage. They haven’t decided yet what dust carts will be used. They haven’t decided yet which type of benefit recipients won’t have to pay, at one stage unemployment benefit was mentioned but when challenged on this they said they hadn’t decided. When asked how they would tackle those people who opted out of having a garden waste bin and instead put this type of waste in a black sack and put it in their green bin they had no answer……..I could go on.

    Basically they couldn’t answer the questions so how can it have been fully costed when some of the basic elements to their scheme have yet to be decided?

    I was once again shocked by Cllr Kendler’s rudeness, surely someone should have had a word with him about it by now.

    Thank you Susan, you put up a good fight on behalf of all of the residents

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    If unemployment benefit means you will not have to pay the charge it is ridiculous. If you are unemployed you will have the time to take the rubbish to the tip and therefore your brown bin should not be collected by the council.

  5. SunilT

    Susan (if you view this), a tricky question I appreciate you cannot give a certain answer to, but if conservatives were to regain power after the next council election. Would you look to a revoke this tax?

  6. Concerned Harrovian

    When are the administration going to spend some of the PR money on sending bad-mannered Barry to charm school? Residents did not vote, and do not pay councillor allowances, for the privilege of being insulted by boorish Barry.

  7. Susan Hall

    Hi SunilT, yes I always watch this site and answer when I can. The answer is not as simple as it may seem because what Labour are planning to do is increase the amount of collections thus the cost of providing the service is going to increase. They are also planning to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on buying thousands of bins for the food. As yet we do not know what vehicles will be used to collect the food bins as they have not decided. If new vehicles are leased then there is an ongoing cost implication there which could not be easily got out of. Thus we could find a situation where the cost of running the service has gone up so much it would not be a matter of just not charging for the bin collection we would have to find extra money from other things to pay for the additional service ( food collection separated from garden collection) over and above the cost of running the three bin system now. There is also another aspect. If we came into power after they had disposed of thousands of brown bins we would have to find significant capital to replace the brown bins to get back to where we are now.

    I am sorry this is so long but it is a very complex situation. One which we residents should not be facing. If we are,lucky enough to find ourselves running the borough again we would look at this certainly but it depends how far they had gone down the line. Thus I am afraid it is impossible to say how we could or couldn’t resolve this situation. I can guarantee that if we were in power very quickly we would stop this stupid nonsense.

    Other aspects to the paper that we called in were the reduction of the maintenance the of parks etc. for those of you that remember when we came into power albeit for only 8 months 2013/2014 we immediately reversed Labours savage cuts there. We are in for terrible times with dirty streets and unkept parks and open spaces and for that we have an increase of council tax and this garden tax that is in effect a hike on our council tax of an additional (average) 5% Labour should be ashamed of their terrible decisions,they are letting Harrows residents down horribly

    1. sylvester sneekly

      susan you were warned a long time ago about agenda 21 but you poo pooed it prehaps now you will wake up as it finally hitting straight in the chops don say that you werent warned

    2. richard ramirez

      you have no power to change anything my dear its agenda 21 powers and people far beyond your worst nightmares are coming for the goyim you were warned so weep for thats all any of you can do now .

  8. GrahamL

    I still don’t understand the logic of this. Food and garden waste are both organic so why the need to separate and charge us extra for collecting garden? Just keep it as it is and take it all away in the same bin for composting otherwise the only thing I can deduce is that it is a way of taking more money from us over the capped 2% council tax increase that they are permitted.

  9. Timeforchange

    GrahamL, I totally agree with your views as to the motives for introducing this tax. It will be blamed on the cuts ( necessary re the debt the last labour government left the country with) but it is down to this council how they implement the cuts and to date they have chosen hugely unpopular un thought through schemes which the residents of Harrow have demonstrated by way of petitions that they don’t agree with.

    Next week it will be confirmation that they are closing 4 of the Boroughs libraries despite huge resident disapproval

  10. F.D.Billson

    Who would think the result of the call-in would be any different ? This Labour Council will not listen to anyone and will continue to implement their twisted policies until they are kicked out and , once again, the Conservatives will be called on again to clear up the mess they have left. Same old story. The trouble with this is large numbers of residents are left for four years, to put up with a damaged and blighted environment and out of pocket as a result of Labour’s inherent ability to run the finances. Labour always forget their duty to serve the residents but prefer to dictate to the taxpaying residents.

    1. Timeforchange

      Sadly so very true F.D.Billson

  11. Ilikefilmme (@vespa2222)

    A couple of things, firstly a Council employee contacts me to ask me to position their spare compost bin in their garden so they can put food waste & cat litter in the compost ,so thats going to really help.As they will not pay bin tax you can see the multiple issues here without me going into them but I do despair at the lack of knowledge.

    i keep a bridleway & footpath clear including fly tipping last year over 5 tonnes of fly tipping dragging it out of culvert and gullies as Health & safety rules means the council staff will not do it,on top of this 150 sacks of litter is an under estimate of litter collected.

    Recently garden waste has been appearing sacks of grass cuttings dead plants branch cuttings & earth and diseases this is something that no one thinks of ,by dumping your garden waste in the fauna you can spread this and also pests,If you go to

  12. Ilikefilmme (@vespa2222)

    Cut myself off ,anyway go past the garden centre & you will see dead areas some natural some by contractors and some by diseases introduced from dumped waste & garden waste.
    This is a stealth increase in council tax that will benefit no one.

  13. Linda Robinson

    Take a look at “Brent Council’s £850k bin blowout over controversial green tax” at
    and remember that the proposed charge in Brent is only a fraction of what’s expected in Harrow, so presumably even fewer people will be prepared to pay up.
    I can’t imagine how anyone in their right mind thinks this idea will contribute to the savings that Harrow Council’s Labour administration wants to make – quite the opposite in fact. I wouldn’t want to leave these people in charge of a petty cash tin, let alone a council budget.

    1. F.D.Billson

      How right you are L.R. This is a vicious and useless tax that will not help anyone including the council. When the coloured bins were originally introduced it was to encourage the public to recycle. To introduce a charge for one of these bins invalidates the original intention and will encourage fly tipping all around the Borough. When are charges going to be introduced on the other bins? This is a typical Labour wheeze to raise more money and will be a dismal failure.

  14. N. Mohamed

    If the Labour can do this at the Local Level, imagine what would happen at the National Level IF Labour is voted in. Beware voters: when you want less taxes bypass Labour in the forthcoming elections. Avoid Labour and you will be at least saved from more stealth taxes.

  15. Someonewhocares

    Surely it is always best to stay with *facts* rather than imagination? These cuts have originated from the EXISTING Central Government – so can anyone explain why exactly? If not should we not be worried more about stealth CUTS rather than stealth TAXES?

  16. Timeforchange

    So true N Mohamed…..let’s hope many people feel the same as you!

  17. Someonewhocares

    Still on the trail of who exactly instigated the Council cuts, and why, and when, all roads led to one department: DCLG: Just google ‘ DCLG Pickles cuts ‘ and/or similar for details,

    Failing that, this should give you an idea on the ‘thinking; behind all this:-


  18. Someonewhocares

    … and then there is always the (very revealing) Institute for Fiscal Studies report on all this:


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