Apr 26 2013

Harrow Labour’s Blog: New Kitchen, New Danger

cllr_sue_andersonHearty congratulations all round to Cllr Sue Anderson (Greenhill, Labour) for publishing another entry in her blog, “Life on the Back Benches”. She starts:

Finally my new kitchen has been completed, admittedly after three months rather than three weeks, but that’s what happens when you try to put something new in an old house.  So I thought I’d celebrate peace and quiet and relative order by writing another blog.  At least two people read my previous blog, so who knows maybe this time I can get up to three.

This week I haven’t had any formal council meetings but this doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy.  I have had a number of residents contact me with housing problems.  While these have been exacerbated by the changes to housing benefit, the real problem arises from a shortage of good quality housing that ordinary working people can afford.

I went  to a number of meetings as a ward councillor, to try and represent residents interests where the council is undertaking projects in  Greenhill.   This week Cllr Phillips and I have been to the Public Realm project board where the main subjects  for discussion were Lowlands Rec, St Ann’s Road and the Lyon Road open space.  We’ve also attended a meeting at Gayton library where library users and staff were able to discuss the implications of the upcoming merger  of the Civic Centre library and Gayton library on the St John’s Road site  and the removal of the local history library to Headstone Manor.

You can read the rest of her blog here, and it’s worth a read to understand what some of the more hard-working councillors in Harrow are doing behind the scenes.

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