Aug 09 2014

Harrow Labour’s Manifesto Promises – Two Months In

labour_roseLabour manifesto promised three things to be done in the first month. We’ve looked, nearly two months later, to see if they’ve kept their promises.

In the first month, a Labour Harrow Council will have:

  1. Launched a review into the management structure of the Council, after the damaging void left by the Tories.
  2. Launched a review on how the Council works with and engages with the Voluntary Sector.
  3. Re-launched the Council‟s campaign for a fairer grant for Harrow‟s residents.

Labour’s actions to date:

  1. Canvassed 5000 council employees, school staff and councillors about spending £180,000+ on bringing back a Chief Executive. Promised to launch this during the “first month” but actually took over five weeks (June 12 elected as leader, July 18 announced ‘consultation’). Status: late – promise broken.
  2. No information published, no press release generated, no details found on the Council’s website. Status: unknown, probably failed.
  3. No campaign re-launched. An obituary for the previous campaign, which managed to get 0.7% of residents to sign up, was published by iharrow.com here. The campaign still shows 1276 people have signed, and the page still refers to a Council Tax increase in April, so it’s fairly safe to say that this campaign hasn’t been re-launched. Status: not achieved –  failed.


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  1. mike mcfadden

    I’ve just read the above three times and it still comes to nothing said nothing done! That is really Labours strategy to continue to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. ” Subterfuge” Watch it being played out by Labour. Nothing means nothing except charge more council tax and pay themselves bundles. I often wonder if some of these huge salaries paid to council works tantamount to bribes paid to those that could not possibly earn these some’s in the real world so they do anything to hang on.

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