Mar 07 2015

Harrow Labour’s New Strategy: Plan Meetings to Exclude the Opposition

harrow_council_logoOne of the more interesting functions in the way Harrow Council operates, is that council cabinet decisions can be “called in” – that is, if enough residents and/or councillors disagree with it, or find a good enough reason to have it looked at again, it can be referred to a Call In Committee. This allows those councillors or residents the chance to put forward their view on why they think it’s wrong, almost like an appeals panel. If their case it good enough, it can be referred back to cabinet for a second hearing.

Of course, few of those decisions called in will succeed a second hearing, but the idea is good enough.

So, on Tuesday March 10th, the £75-=a-year-bin-charge idea will be dragged to Call In. Cllr Hall and Co will explain the many reasons why it’s a bad idea, and if she’s lucky, it’ll go back to cabinet again. However, Harrow’s Labour Group – realising that the Conservative group all have day jobs, have chosen to hold this meeting at 5.30pm in the afternoon. Given that this is around the time a typical office day finishes, it allows no time for the opposition to get to the meeting to challenge the idea. Result: Labour win by default.

If the Call In committee were to be of any real use, it would be held at a time convenient to all participants – not the few from the Labour camp who don’t work or have part time jobs, or where such timing otherwise meets the whims and fancies of the administration.

That said, if you can get the time off work, and want to express your outrage at the bin charge – or, indeed, your support – head along to the Civic Centre committee rooms one and two for half five and see what happens.

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  1. sonoo malkani

    A rather cynical move,not worthy of Harrow.How can people have confidence in the present administration when a time convenient for most folk–including opposition Councillors–is not factored in?

    Lost opportunity,not at all democratic.The basic rules of fair play have been ignored.The Council Leader might please re-consider and have this held later in the evening,especially in view of the huge resentment expressed by local residents and the voluminous number of petitions opposing the introduction of this unfair tax,being brought in stealthily.

  2. Susan Hall

    I would urge any readers that can to attend Tuesdays meeting. We Conservatives are extremely concerned about Harrow and the way the streets and parks are being left to get in a filthy state. This will have a detrimental effect on all our residents and visitors. To have Harrow clean is the least we should expect from our shortly to go up Council Tax. (You may remember we froze that last year and brought in a £13 million underspend) I will present the case also not to charge £75 to have our brown bin collected fortnightly. Your support as taxpayers would be appreciated, however I do understand that a start time of 5.30 causes a real problem. It certainly does for me as I am working in London and am presenting the case!

  3. sonoo malkani

    I sincerely hope those who can attend make every effort even at this awkward time and give full support to those fighting on behalf of concerned Harrovians about matters which not only hurt our pocket but also our environment and health.

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