Feb 20 2013

Harrow Labour’s PR Machine Swings into Action; Sinks Lower than Usual

thaya_idaikkadarWith absolute perfection in timing (applaud here), Labour’s PR machine has announced – just days before the West Harrow by-election – that it’s Great Leader will be locked up in Wealdstone Police station – cell shortage? what cell shortage? – until £1,000 is donated to ‘bail him out’.

The press release from the council, rattles on about how the Great Leader says, “I will spend any amount of time in jail to show my support for St Luke’s…”

Now, don’t get us wrong: St Luke’s Hospice is a great charity, and one we’ve supported many many times in the past, but  for Harrow’s Labour group to announce this publicity stunt just a couple of days before the West Harrow by-election is deplorable. And, unfortunately, drags St Luke’s into the political mess as well.

And then – even before the  press release appears, we find Great Leader’s justgiving.com page already has one donation. Without looking, you know it’s going to be a Labour Councillor, and in this case, it’s Cllr Sue Anderson, donating £20 (and £5 gift aid) with the soapy message, “Looking forward to sharing a cell with you!” One shudders to think…

Just when you think Harrow Labour can’t sink any deeper, one of them gets out a shovel and starts digging.

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  1. MouthAlmighty

    That’s hilarious! We can only hope that he does not raise the said amount and that is one sure way of making sure he stays away from his post. Obviously if people want to donate, they can do so directly to St Luke’s.

  2. Pam Russell (Director of Fundraising at St Luke's)

    St Luke’s is apolitical and is grateful for support from all areas of the community, regardless of political affiliation.

    Individuals from several different parties are taking part in the Jail and Bail including the leader and deputy leader of Brent Conservatives, as well as the leader of Harrow Council.

    St Luke’s is dependent upon the generous support of the community for over 70% of the funding we need to provide end of life care. We hope that the Jail and Bail will raise £15000, enough to fund 250 home visits from our hospice at home team, allowing end of life patients to receive the best possible palliative care in the familiar surroundings of their own home.

    We are tremendously grateful to all of our Jail and Bail participants and wish them the best of luck with their fundraising – their efforts will make a tremendous difference to patients coping with illnesses which cannot be cured, and to their families.

  3. Morepowertothepeople

    Hysterical! I agree with MouthAlmighty donate directly to St Lukes Instead!

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