Mar 10 2013

Harrow Launches HA:Informed – Open Data about the Borough

harrow_council_logo2Harrow Council have announced the launch of the HA Info: Harrow Informed website, where you will find facts and figures about Harrow all in one place. The information is arranged in themes and can be viewed both in tables and on interactive maps, at ward or super output area level.

HA Info has many benefits:

  • Support managers across partnership organisations in formulating evidence based strategy & responding to key questions when reshaping services
  • Enhance research & intelligence capability by supporting data analysts and researchers in local needs and requirements
  • Improved two way community dialogue by supporting & signposting community groups’, councillors’ and residents’ requests for local data
  • Boost transparency of public services & support the open data agenda

It’s been available for several weeks, but has only now been publicly announced. Visit the site here.

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  1. Praxis Reform

    I’ve got to say that this website seems like it will simply be a source for Council Officials to pull selective positive figures from, and highlight in the local press, whilst “forgetting” about the negative data.

    The first thing I notice is that there is no mention of the number of shops / businesses in Harrow, and how many of these are presently open for business / permanently closed.

    Further, if one takes any heed of the newspapers these days, we’re told that come January 1st 2014, literally hundreds of thousands of Romanian gypsies and Bulgarian immigrants will be hammering on the UK’s borders demanding to live here. Apparently the UK is known as Treasure island over in Easter Europe, since immigrants can ostensibly claim benefits immediately upon arrival and be given a house, whereupon they’ll steal our women, etc. etc. all depending upon which tabloid you read.

    The website, thusly gives GLA Population Projections till 2031, but migration projections till only 2010… As I mentioned, selective data.

  2. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP

    It will be ALL of the Information that they wish to impart, and NOT the FOI information that WE ARE ENTITLED TO.

    This is NOTHING to do with “openness and transparency” it is about dissemination of PROPAGANDA.

    You only have to read that this site iHarrow has been barred from making requests to see tha tthis a pice of Labour garbage to fool the “proles” and pander to their client groups and “stakeholders”.

  3. Morepowertothepeople

    Jeremy agreed this is laughable….. openness and transparency have never been the case at Harrow Council. From experience I am one of many who have been refused FOI requests, simply because the ones I did receive before I was shut down showed the Council in an extremely bad light. It highlighted a whole host of failures that had been going on for years, and for all I know may still be going on? This is just another smoke screen like the ‘unfair grant’ campaign, to make people believe there is nothing wrong with the Council.
    My wish is that more whistleblowers would step forward as in the ‘Wirral case’, then maybe people would see that Harrow Council is nothing more than an old boys network interested only in protecting people who ‘play the game’!

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