Dec 12 2014

Harrow Law Centre – Controlled by Harrow Labour Group?

question150Harrow Law Centre – Controlled by Harrow Labour Group?

The Harrow Law Centre plays – or should – a pivotal role in the community. There as a source of help and advice for those at rock bottom, those who are in conflict with the council or the government over benefits, and an independant source of guidance. Indeed, the Law Centre’s website itself says, “Harrow Law Centre provides a free and independent legal advice service to people who live or work in the London Borough of Harrow.”

But, do they?

You might be surprised to learn that two of the trustees – or, in other words, directors – are both Labour councillors: Cllr Anne Whitehead and Cllr Pamela Fitzpatrick. Even more interesting is that Cllr Whitehead is the council’s Public Health, Equality & Wellbeing Portfolio Holder.

Is this a conflict of interest? Perhaps so, perhaps not. Both councillors have failed to respond to questions to clarify their involvement and level of interest in Harrow Law Centre, it’s not possible to be sure. But the perception is certainly there: we heard from one resident who was concerned enough about their invovlement to refuse to discuss her own personal affairs with the Law Centre – and that alone should send alarm bells ringing.

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