Feb 08 2015

Harrow Leisure Centre Parking “Improvements” Consultation

harrow_council_logoWrapped up in a title of “Improvements” for Leisure Centre Parking, Harrow Council has decided to introduce charges. You might argue that the consultation was deceptively named, and we couldn’t possibly comment. So what changes?

“The council has reviewed the operation of the Leisure Centre complex access roads and car park and has prepared a scheme to improve the movement of traffic and access to parking on the site. This will involve introducing charges into the car park, increasing the number of parking spaces and making changes to the road layout. These changes are needed to ensure that the car park continues to meet the increasing demands on the site and to ensure it can be maintained effectively.”

Dave’s proposal:

20150208_hlc_parkingNote the fine attention to detail. You can download a copy of the leaflet here. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a fine indication of the quality of your local council.

You can also respond to the consultation here up until May 25, 2015:

20150208_hlc_1Or perhaps February 25, 2015:


Yup. Another fine example of how well managed this council is. Not only do they publish a consultation document, with an essential piece of information missing, they give you two different dates to respond by.




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  1. F.D.Billson

    Well ,well ,well yet another consultatation from the Harrow Labour administration , what an absolute nonsense by this god-foresaken Labour administration. As usual they are trying to make themselves out as the democractic party rather than the communist type party they really are. A complete waste of time.


  2. sonoo malkani

    Most of their consultations have simply been “tick box”exercises.This is very much the format being followed to date.People are now going to be clobbered for using the Leisure Centre !This will put many off the keep fit they have invested their time and energy in.

    How can this be called parking IMPROVEMENTS?It is just REVENUE RAISING for Harrow Council disguised under another name.Very misleading!Please don’t insult the people of Harrow.We are not dumb.

    What about the times when Annual Community functions are held–such as Garba nights —during Navratri?Will people be able to afford to attend in huge numbers when excessive charges such as these will be in force every night?Many who book these facilities may decide to take their custom elsewhere.How sensible is it for Harrow Council to engage in what will be a very unpopular move?

    The Leisure Centre will lose customers who hire your large halls such as Byron Hall and precious revenue with it,not to mention falling out with the local population who use these facilities regularly.They will go to Brent or other areas which are not fleecing them.

    By the way,it does not surprise me one bit that you have had two dates given.People are barely given ten to fifteen days on average to answer online or by mail.That’s if they have seen it!
    It is obvious —whoever wears the crown calls the shots.We have to take it or leave it!

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