Apr 06 2013

Harrow Leisure Centre Plans to Scrap Bouncers for Big Events

Bouncer-150x150We spotted a worrying application from Greenwich Leisure Ltd, the operators of Harrow Leisure Centre, this week, concerning security staff – aka ‘door supervisors’ or ‘bouncers’- for big events.

Under the terms of their premises licence, the centre has to employ the services of ‘door supervisors’, at the rate of one supervisor for every hundred attendees at functions – so, if you have a big event, you could end up with a number of supervisors, who have the role of making sure that everyone is well-behaved: no drunks, fights, skirmishes, etc, and, presumably, helping with any incidents that kick off, such as fires.

The centre plans to ask that the requirements are downgraded, so that door supervisors are only needed if police request it following a ‘risk assessment’ – which sounds very much like if there’s no risk assessment, and thus, no police requirement for it, there won’t be any bouncers on hand to help out.


gll_2You can view the entire application here.


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