Jun 02 2016

Harrow Libraries E-Books Offering – Poor in Comparison to Brent

harrow_council_broken_2Brent: 10x as many e-books on offer as Harrow.

Harrow’s recently flogged-off libraries now offer an e-book lending service. Hardly well-announced, and a bit of a pain to find it, but it’s here. You can sign up with a library card and a PIN, but frankly, if you’re an avid reader, you’d be better off moving elsewhere.

With only 1401 books available for download (which includes those already on loan, so it’ll actually be a far lower number) it’s hardly a great offering. In fact, looking at the first 20 books, 14% were already on loan, with up to a two month waiting time for some titles. Harrow’s choice, via CCS – the winner of the library lottery – seems to have not been a great one: Brent went with the much more popular Overdrive library, and have around 12,000 books available.

It would have been so easy to do this right. But when you don’t listen to ignore residents (and remember: 71% of respondents to the consultation said they didn’t want libraries to close, prompting the Labour administration to immediately start closing them) you’ll always get it wrong.


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