Jun 24 2013

Harrow Mayor’s Civic Service: Boycotted by Labour Councillors

boycott-150x150This Sunday (June 23, 2013) saw the Mayoral Civic Service and Community Reception held at St Mary’s Church at Harrow on the Hill. So who was there to respect the Mayoralty from our esteemed bunch of busy councillors?

  • Independent Labour: All of them, except one (mentioning no names, but he knows who he is).
  • Conservative: Fifteen turned up.
  • Labour: Zero. None. Nada (Well, none that were spotted, anyway, although it’s possible one or two may have been hiding somewhere).
  • Independents: Cllr James Bond was also there (apologies for missing him off the list originally!)

The Church was jam packed, so the Labour group who were clearly boycotting anything and everything to do with the Independent Labour group weren’t desperately missed, but this continued lack of respect to the Mayor’s office – a Mayor that they, themselves, chose – is troubling.




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  1. Lee

    Why should anyone respect a Mayor who shows no respect for the voters of Harrow, including the electorate in her ward of Edgware who elected her as a Labour councillor and finds that she has now put the Susan Hall and the Tories into power in Harrow?

  2. ricky123

    Lee, Its obvious you dont know the situation, when you dont really know whats happening its best to keep quiet otherwise you sound stupid which you just have.

  3. I think it’s more the case of respecting the office of Mayor. Whilst I don’t agree with councillors jumping from one party to another (and this isn’t the first time this has happened), we have to remember that (a) moving from one party to another is allowed, however, morally wrong we might think it, and (b) the Labour group selected Cllr Asante as Mayor in the first place.

    The Conservatives aren’t in power in Harrow – they just have a couple of non-voting, non-SRA’d people ‘steadying the ship’ as far as I can tell. Maybe it’s time for a coalition, so that we all know exactly where we are…?

  4. AllThingsGood

    There is obviously fault on both sides here to varying degrees….. but I do agree a little more respect should be shown. However having said that The new Mayor is supposed to be non political and yet showed up for a press conference with the independents who spouted racism (still no factual evidence!). This whole sorry and sordid affair at the Council has shown them all in a very bad light!

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