Dec 18 2013

Harrow Observer SusanWatch – December 2013

susan_hall_2First in an occasional series of articles reporting back on Cllr Susan Hall’s appearances in the local papers.

I’d originally meant to write something soon after I saw the Harrow Observer (admittedly, one of the better Harrow free-papers) on December 5, but, alas, things got in the way. Never mind, because in the December 12 issue, Simon Grigor from Balmoral Road, South Harrow, took the time to write in to the letters page:

Just a measly six photos of Councillor Susan Hall in last week’s harrow Observer. Come on editor, you can surely do better. Surely she can offer an opinion on the Boro’ or the ‘Stones and get herself on the back pages too!

Ah, the irony. For as that very email was winging it’s way to the Conservative Offices in the Civic Centre, guess where Susan Hall reportedly was? Yup… In a meeting about football grounds.


In case you missed it, we’ve snipped all the photos from the Observer and posted a cut-out-and-keep montage above. But just how many bloody purple jackets does she own? And I thought Gareth Thomas MP was notorious for his red neckties…

Pictures of Cllr Hall in the December 12 issue? Zero.

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  1. John Clement

    Presumably The mayor gets snapped a lot, because she gets out and does things, unlike her recent predecessors, who were just in it for what they could get out of it.

  2. j p hobbs

    I wonder if we will ever see a picture of the Stealth Camera being removed from Harrow Wealdstone Station the one that issued 1700 PCNs last year would be a good starter .

  3. j p hobbs

    Sorry the above camera is not at the station but on a wall of a flat about 200 yards away , as I said STEALTH CAMERA . I would like an update on this theft by stealth ,,,,, cllrs .

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