Nov 08 2013

Harrow-on-the-Hill by-Election – UKIP Win, according to Harrow Council!

harrow_council_logoOn a lighter note, following the Harrow-on-the-Hill by-election, we’re pleased to see that the Council haven’t let us down with a display on ineptitude late on a Friday.

If you were to look at the results on the Council’s website, you’d see that Jeremy Zeid romped home with 40% of the vote for UKIP:




They’ve now corrected that glaring error. Thanks to the tip-off – you know who you are!

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  1. Herc

    So someone makes a small mistake and fixes pretty much immediately.
    Ineptitude? Get a life, man.

    The people doing the donkey work aren’t the guy’s on the 6-figure salaries. In fact, why not go and meet the person who made the mistake. It might be an eye-opener.

    All you achieve by bandying words like Ineptitude around ‘on a lighter note’ is to get honest people a kicking by the people you probably should be holding to account.

  2. Praxis Reform

    Aside from being mildly amusing, this sort of story is evidence that the people “on the 6-figure salaries” aren’t giving the necessary training, resources, support and guidance etc. to the people “doing the donkey work”.

    Sure, it’s easy to say the “person who made the mistake” should be given the sack, but at the same moment that happens, that person’s superiors are directly implicated in running a shoddy and flawed selection and recruitment process.

    A big part of the problem that I see with much of the UK’s low-level Politics is that the Labour types will scream and shout and call strikes when someone tries to put a better person into the position of “official website updater” [I use this job purely as a metaphorical example, since one mistake is hardly grounds for disciplining the Council Webmaster].

    Yet, until that person is forced to find a job that they are more suited to, there is no objective evidence that the person on the 6-figure salary has screwed up, and thus he or she avoids the “kicking” that they deserve, quality of service continues its deterioration, and we all end up complaining again about what a shower we have running the Council.

    1. Herc

      I think you extrapolate wildly on a rather prosaic incident. A very competent and committed person was under pressure, in a rush, and pressed the button without double checking. No biggie really. It was quickly fixed, no one died. They were suitably chastened by the incident.

      It’s easy to see shapes in clouds that simply aren’t there. There are some pretty unbelievably ineffective things that go on councils, and Harrow is certainly no exception, but you are barking up the wrong tree here.

      The Bank of England published the wrong figures this week for unsecured lending. It happens.

      1. Praxis Reform

        Indeed, anyone can make a mistake, and I simply use the title of “official website updater” as an example, despite the number of crashes and outages documented here, the deletion of all the Indy Labour Councillors from the website back in June, and the library catalogue having been disconnected since 2nd October.

        One could equally use the example of the surly Council officer showing no mercy to a terminally ill man taking too long to get out of a car.

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