Oct 08 2013

Harrow-on-the-Hill Labour Candidate: Glen Hearnden

labour_roseHarrow Labour Party has selected Glen Hearnden, who lives on the lower slopes of the Hill, to stand as Labour’s prospective candidate in the 7th November by-election.  Glen runs a small business based locally in Harrow. Glen has lived in Harrow all his life, attending Newton Farm Primary School and Rooks Heath High School.

He lives with his partner, step-son and daughter. Glen’s step-daughter is a pupil of Whitmore High School and Glen’s step-son is a pupil at the Sylvia Young Theatre School.

Glen Hearnden said: “I am thrilled to have been selected as Labour’s prospective candidate for the Harrow on the Hill by-election. I know how much people are struggling in Harrow to make ends meet. Wages aren’t going up but the cost of living is. That is why I am proud to be representing the Labour Party in this by-election. I am supporting Labour’s campaign to freeze our energy bills and council tax and campaigning against the rocketing tube fares we’ve seen under the Tories. I’ve lived in Harrow all my life and currently live on the slopes of the Hill. I’m really looking forward to the campaign, particularly speaking to residents and listening to their concerns.”

David Perry, Harrow Group Leader said: “We are delighted to announce that Glen Hearnden has been selected as the Labour Party candidate for the Harrow-on-the-Hill by-election. As a local resident Glen understands the current local issues facing the people living in Harrow-on-the-Hill. With years of local council experience Glen is an excellent candidate who knows how to get things done. Labour are looking forward to running a positive campaign that will show local residents how Labour can speak out on their behalf against the worst of the damaging cuts introduced by this Conservative government. The people of Harrow-on-the-Hill will have a clear choice on Election Day. The local Conservatives are favourites to win this seat, but Labour will be fighting for every vote.”

Gareth Thomas MP said: “Glen has lived in Harrow all his life and is passionate about the local area, he will make a great local Councillor.”

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  1. Cllr Willie Stoodley

    If Glen has “lived in Harrow all his life” why is it that when Cllr Steve Wright and I bumped into his mother in The Village Inn Wetherspoon’s pub in Rayners Lane a couple of weeks ago, she proudly told us that Glen spent several years in the far east. Not that I care where Glen chooses to live, but why is it that the first thing that both the Harrow Labour Group and the Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas do is lie about their candidate?

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