Mar 05 2014

Harrow Parking Permits – Price Increase

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council has announced that the price of on-street and off-street parking permits will increase with effect from April 1, 2014.

Prices have increase by about 4% across the board. Annual resident permits are now ranging from £64.90 per year for the first vehicle, up to £162.20 for the 4th vehicle in a household.

Likewise, resident visitor permits increase, now costing £16.20 for a book of ten.

The good news? Environmentally friendly vehicles remain free.

The formal notice appears below, or you can download the original here.



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  1. jp hobbs

    With all this money we will have roads like snooker tables , holes down each side and one in each corner just to make sure we don’t miss them . . NO CHANGE THEN

  2. j p hobbs

    I would like to thank Susan for getting the double yellow lines put down at the junction of Elms Road and Twickenham Gardens we have been asking for a very long time as many children cross here to get to school , it is mostly people from the bus garage that park right up to where the roads meet , one would think as bus drivers they would see how dangerous this is , I know they will probably park further down the road now but at least the kids are safe , now if we can ask the drivers to stop throwing their KFC left overs out of the window before they go home that will be great , thank you Susan u r becoming super woman .. NICE ONE this happened today a few minutes ago .

  3. j p hobbs

    They were a good team of workers , I went out lunchtime saw no sign of works came home late afternoon / early evening and it was all done right up to the end of elms road cant ever remember any road works going that smoothly ., now the pipe laying the other end of Elms road seems to be taking forever but I don’t believe that’s a local job . what with this and the clearance of rubbish from the front of home base I am truly impressed thanks again Susan .

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