Mar 15 2013

Harrow People – March 2013 issue now out

harrow-people_march2013Harrow People, the self-congratulatory magazine published five times a year, should be dropping through residents’ letter boxes this week. For those of you who can’t wait, you can download it from the Council’s website, here.

Inside this issue, you’ll find:

An article about how the council will cut drop-in sessions as Access Harrow  for Housing Benefit, Council Tax, Parking Permits, Planning and School Admissions.

  • A free one-day pass to Harrow Leisure Centre.
  • An announcement of new computers and free wifi which will “be available… …from this month” (they won’t, actually).
  • Two whole pages on why Council Tax is going up and where it’ll be spent, followed by a page about the Fair Grant campaign (actually , less than a third of a page of words, but it’s nicely padded out).
  • Another page on how the council has made improvements (ie: “reduced the cost of staff” which means “redundancies” – they don’t mention the £100k vacancy they are trying to fill.)



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