Jan 24 2013

Harrow Residents Petition Against Vaughan School Expansion

school_yellowLocal residents have launched a petition against the Vaughan School application for expansion, citing a number of concerns with the project. They say:

The Council must find an alternative solution that provides a fit for purpose school, minimises local impact and gives proper value for money. The current plans are unacceptable because:

  1. There will be a reduction in parking spaces despite the number of extra teachers which will cause major parking problems in our local roads.
  2. The schools catchment area will at least double bringing considerable extra traffic into the local area.
  3. Despite the extra traffic the council have not undertaken a traffic impact assessment.
  4. The new school building is being built on a flood plain which could increase the risk of flooding to a large number of homes, a risk that is likely to increase in coming years.
  5. To help alleviate flooding 1200m2 of the new schools playground is being lowered by 31cm – it is acknowledged that this will cause the playground and car park to flood.
  6. Nearly half a million pounds is being spent on re-directing an underground stream that currently runs across the school field and to provide huge underground water storage tanks and a pump because of poor drainage in the school grounds.
  7. There is minimal increase in overall outdoor play area despite the increased numbers (and a considerable amount of this will flood).
  8. The size of the new classrooms will be below school building guidelines.
  9. To try to reduce the amount of traffic during school run time the council are adding more bike spaces to encourage cycling – this is despite the school itself saying that they do not have a cycling policy as the local roads are too dangerous.
  10. The school field is currently designated as Open Space yet the council are still going to build on it – what will be next ?
  11. Six of the new classrooms will directly overlook neighbouring properties not only invading their privacy but also meaning that they will be able to look directly into the classrooms.
  12. There will be considerable increase in noise for neighbouring properties.

There has to be a better option. Sign this petition today to urge the council to re-consider.

We would add that this is the application that the Council has ‘had problems’ with displaying on it’s website, and, once those problems were rumbled by residents, and enough complaints about it landed at the Council, the application consultation was suspended. At the moment, we’ve heard no mention as to when it’ll be re-started, so we can only imagine that the Council’s IT is still broken.

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