Apr 16 2013

Harrow residents switched on to energy scheme

harrow_council_logo2Harrow had the second highest number of residents in London signing up to the energy switch scheme.
More than 2200 people, or 2.71 percent of households, signed up to the scheme in the hope that they could slash the prices of their energy bills. Over 26,000 people across London signed up for the scheme.

With energy bills continuing to rise, many people are still paying too much for their gas and electricity but are afraid to switch because they don’t have the time to compare suppliers or think it involves a lot of hassle.

That is why Harrow Council joined a London-wide scheme which used collective buying power to force energy prices down.

Anybody was welcome to sign up, but the council focused on those who were falling into fuel poverty, and those that were already struggling to keep warm. It is another example of the way that Harrow Council is supporting residents most in need through tough times. Harrow Council held a series of road shows around the borough so that residents who did not have internet access could sign up in person.

Another auction will be held in June for those that missed out this time round. Residents have until April 22nd to pre register their interest for the next auction and can do so by visiting www.biglondonenergyswitch.org.uk.

Residents will be receiving a personal offer shortly and will easily be able to see how much money they could save. Only then do they have to decide whether they wish to accept the offer or not.

Leader of Harrow Council, Councillor Thaya Idaikkadar, said: “I’m so pleased that there was such a huge interest in the energy switch from our residents. It really shows just how important this issue is and that many people want change. We are on the side of our residents. We know that times are tough for them at the moment and we are doing everything we can to support those who are most in need.”

Sylvia French aged 75 from West Harrow said: “It was really interesting to hear about this scheme. It sounds like it could really benefit all of us, especially as there’s nothing to lose by signing up. I would welcome any opportunity for my bills to be cheaper, every little penny helps!”

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