Oct 18 2014

Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board Meeting – October 27, 2014

police_lanternThe agenda, and previous meeting notes, for the next Harrow SNB Meeting have been leaked, and we’re pleased to publish them below.

The next meeting is on October 27, 2014, from 18.30 at the Civic Centre in Station Road, Harrow. Residents and other interested parties are able to attend, although there’s no indication that  they’ll be able to ask ask questions of the board. Indeed, given the secrecy surrounding the board to date, it’s entirely possible that the members of the board – who still remain anonymous – could be wearing masks to prevent their identity being leaked.

The meeting, now a week away, hasn’t been publicly advertised – which is all the more reason for residents to go along and see where public money is being spent.


Also leaked, are the notes of the meeting on July 18, 2014 – again, this wasn’t publicly advertised either. You can download these here.

Meanwhile, continued requests have been made of the council to supply previous minutes, terms of reference, as well as the details of two funding applications made already. Cllr Parmar has been silent on these requests.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    quote I from above article ” could be wearing masks to prevent their identity being leaked.”

    This presents a rather amusing scenario. Members of the Board enter the room each covered by a sheet. After a muffled discussion (amongst themselves I presume and not with any meeting attendees) there will be a decision taken whether to make the Board members known to the public.

    If the decision is in the affirmative will the Board members go for the big reveal to gasps from the audience.

    This secrecy is doing any genuine members of the Board no favours as it is tarnishing their reputations. I agree with Susan Hall that the secrecy is damaging Commander Ovens and his hard working officers. I am sure the police do not have any objection to being held accountable. I wish I could say the same applied to the Board.

  2. sonoo malkani

    Good job this vital information has been leaked out by somebody who wants us to move forward.The Board members must stand up and be counted.I have heard a great deal in praise of the Vice Chair Allison Morrison and am keen to meet with her and see her in action.

    Concerned Harrovian I am sure the Board members have realised by now that they can no longer hide or choose to remain anonymous.The Chair and Vice Chair are the ones we have to write to or contact in order to pass on relevant messages and concerns from the public.That is my understanding anyway.I am learning on my feet –like the rest of us!

    Isn’t it interesting that the 18 July meeting only lists SEVEN Community Representatives–no names or details given.Same with the Harrow Youth Parliament representatives.I am aware the latter are subject to change but named substitutes can be mentioned as was the practice of the HPCCG..

    Very pleased you are putting forward a Constitution on 27 October which will hopefully have some form of CODE of CONDUCT for the Board members and its ethos —like the HPCCG had.It makes perfect sense especially with so many changes in our method of policing and with the daily ever-evolving dynamics.This Board is non-political and needs to be seen to be completely objective in its dealings as is prescribed for all SNB’s throughout London.

    Wish you all the very best.Happy Diwali to all concerned,even of you are not Hindu since we all tend to celebrate all our special events as the family of Harrow..

  3. sonoo malkani

    Paul,it would be most useful to have the minutes of the 16th June meeting of the SNB which is officially their first one the public could have attended had it been publicised.Also,more information regarding the meeting of the London Community Policing Partnership mentioned in a report on 18 July would be worth reading as it will reveal a London -wide picture.Please would iharrow.com look into this and publish in due course.

    It is most helpful to read the Borough Commander’s performance report and any concerns he may have voiced.Evidently we are heading in the right direction under his wing.All the same it is equally evident that the LACK of COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT is a matter of some concern—as it rightly should be.Fed-back from the community is the most important measure of our success in policing,since we do this by consent.

    Of course,since we no longer have the HPCCG ,the SNB Board members cannot expect to get the same amount of engagement nor be able to effectively establish an appropriate mechanism to cover this most important part of the policing strategy–through no fault of their own.Their remit is an entirely different one and considerably limited engagement-wise.

    Hats off to Commissioner Hogan-Howe and New Scotland Yard who have had the foresight to appoint Commander Mak(Makdoum) Chisty.He is in overall charge of COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT throughout all 32 London boroughs.

    I have had the pleasure of meeting him twice thus far and found his plans and approachable manner very helpful for engaging Londoners.He has promised to visit Harrow in due course.The Met was very concerned about the Community engagement being diluted since all the CPEGS were shut down on 1 April 2014 and had the good sense to take corrective action to try and fill in this huge gap.

    They have already started their engagement programme and are meeting with success as they go round he boroughs.Harrow I am sure Simon Ovens will enlighten us about Harrow’s plans soon..I want you to hear it from him direct.

    In fact,hats off to Harrow Police as well who have taken the responsibility to engage more closely with our citizens.They have a dedicated Sergeant,Jamie Fox who has been arranging a number of community events ,focusing on CLOSE working with our public.I will speak of this another time.Suffice it to say that it is going great guns.Soon you will all hear about the various projects.seminars,events etc which Harrow Police are putting out to get public confidence soaring and fear of crime going down in a rewarding manner.Our deputy Borough Commander,Superintendent Mark Wolski also has initiated some good works to develop this further and has had a meeting with the Chairs of the Safer Neighbourhood Panels to progress this.Like our Borough Commander,he too lives some way off but both spend much time trying to engage as much as possible with our citizens.Community engagement is the life-blood of policing and they have given it top priority.

    Please do not read anything more into anything I have written here.My main purpose is for us to assist and support as positively as we can so that we can be as proud of our Safer Neighourhood Board as we are of Harrow Police.

    In every sector—Police and Partnership working we,the PUBLIC are at the centre..We are the people they serve.Now we can return that favour.Let’s get out there and help them to help us.Let us desist form taking pot-shots at people or criticising all and sundry.That would be churlish,counter-productive.and so unlike Harrow.

    You all have been fantastic participants at the HPCCG over three decades.I am sure we can rely on Harrovians for an encore.Our Police officers are paid to keep us safe and protect us. Let us not forget that they put themselves in harm’s way 24/7 to do this.\they have families and are human like the rest of us.

    Be patient but above all, be GENUINELY SUPPORTIVE & CONSTRUCTIVE.With your fantastic array of talents and unexhaustible good-will,EVERYTHING is possible!

    Remember “With malice towards none …..”

    May the light of good-will shine brightly in all our hearts and make this Diwali a really Happy one for everybody.God bless Harrow.

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