Oct 08 2014

Harrow Sees Parking Fines and Charges as Cash Cow

harrow_council_logoAccording to the minutes of the Performance and Finance Scrutiny Sub-Committee, Harrow Council has identified motorists as being an easy answer to raising funds.

In the minutes of the meeting of July 3, 2014, the committee – chaired by Labour’s Cllr Phil O’Dell – noted: “Parking income as a result of penalties and parking charges would be one method of generating additional income …”

Speaking to ITV’s Daybreak in September 2013,  Eric Pickles MP said: ‘We are worried that what is happening in local authorities is they are using parking fines as a kind of cash cow from motorists. The legislation is very clear, you cannot do so.”

Perhaps Mr Pickles would like to pay a visit to Harrow to see what’s going on.


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  1. j p hobbs

    Well the hidden cash camera at Harrow and Wealdstone Station will pay for a new CEO , yes that one that catches all the elderly and infirm being dropped off . whats it now about £70 /90 a time .?

  2. PraxisReform

    It’s surprising that Champagne Phill (former Portfolio holder for Environment & Community Safety) hasn’t come up with something a little bit more original, or even just less a bit irritating to local residents than jacking up parking charges again.

    I’ve posted last year about why I think the borough is going downhill rapidly, and high parking charges was one of the factors I suggested…

    So, now that more Harrow shops and businesses are closing than ever before, and even the Banks are moving out of the Wealdstone area, you’d think he’d take a little more notice of residents suggestions.

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