Jul 03 2012

Harrow Tailors Child Care Services

Tailoring child care services to suit the needs of families has delivered more than £1m in savings during the previous financial year and enabled Harrow Council to open it’s 16th Children’s Centre.

Harrow Council has added to its children’s centre service despite severe financial pressures and significantly reduced Government funding which has seen centres close across the country.

Harrow Council’s ‘Hub and Spoke’ model has transformed key children’s centres into ‘hubs’ which remain open throughout the day. ‘Satellite’ children’s centres open when classes and activities take place which has allowed Harrow Council to scale back administration and overhead costs and make significant savings. The savings enabled families from South Harrow to celebrate the grand opening of the Earlsmead Children’s Centre on Friday June 29, 2012.

We are committed to helping and supporting those most in need

The Hub and Spoke Model was created following extensive consultation with parents and residents between April and May last year. A new approach was needed due to changes to previously ring-fenced Government funding of the SureStart Grants which have been replaced by a much reduced Early Intervention Grant.

Portfolio holder for Children, Families and Schools, Cllr Brian Gate said: “We were determined to protect and develop our centres for future generations. We are committed to helping and supporting those most in need by protecting the services you care most about. We managed to do this by coming up with an innovative way of using the centres more efficiently. The hub and spoke model has allowed the council to make considerable savings by reducing administration, overheads, and back room costs.”

Source: Harrow Council


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