Jun 24 2015

Harrow Times Polishes Crystal Ball; Predicts College Road Post Office Development Approval

harrow_council_logoLocal free paper, the Harrow Times, has taken the plunge and announced that the College Road Post Office development will be approved by Harrow Council’s Planning Committee which meets later on this evening. Is this just sloppy journalism, or, more worrying, do they have inside information and tonight’s meeting is just a case of rubber-stamping planning applications that have already been decided upon?

What’s also interesting is that the Ministry of Defence has lodged an objection, as the height of the proposed development would mean that the Precision Approach Radar – basically the system that guides aircraft into land at RAF Northolt – wouldn’t function effectively. Or, as the MOD put it, “…the proposed buildings would intrude into the protected line of slope…” They go on to say that were the development no higher than neighbouring buildings, they wouldn’t have an issue.

20150624_post_office_timesSo, if tonight’s meeting does approve this development, do we applaud the Times for accurately forecasting approval, or do we seek to find out how they knew, and broadcast in advance, the application’s success. A worrying time all round.

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  1. j hobbs

    I bet they twin it with Calais

  2. Old Harrocian

    disasterous news most people in Harrow know nothing about this site NO hARROW obs
    It will look ugly 20 floors Think of the car park for all these cars
    Think of the chaos in College Road with the station and bus station and 6 yrs builing construstion traffic will be at standstill Who could possibly pass this in aan already crowded area like College Road

  3. j hobbs

    Are they using Roma Homes ?

  4. Susan Hall

    There is hardly any parking provision, it will dominate the landscape, Labour are gradually destroying our wonderful borough. Labour voted this through, the Conservatives voted against. I let readers know as the local paper carries so little detail on these things

  5. Rob

    Unless there is good reason within planning law to refuse then the reality is they have little choice. Tories have recent history of refusing on unlawful grounds and then costing council tax payers significant sums when the victim appeals to the planning inspectorate reverses the decision and awards costs. They seem to forget that political persuasion is not good cause for refusal and neither is pandering for votes.

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