Aug 09 2014

Harrow to become “dirtier” under Labour, says Hall

harrow_council_logoGetwestondon is reporting that a number of street cleaners will be losing their jobs at Harrow Council, following the decision to cut £172,000 of street cleaning funding. Around six jobs are currently earmarked for scrapping, as the council – which seems to be considering spending just over that on a new Chief Executive – seeks to “…prioritise cleaning in the busier area’s of the borough like shopping centres,” according to Cllr Varsha Parmar.

Conservative opposition leader Councillor Susan Hall said: “Whenever Labour look to make cuts they always seem to go after services like street cleaning first, against the wishes of Harrow residents and despite knowing it will make Harrow dirtier.”

Labour’s Cllr Parmar also declined to comment on what progress has been made on the previous administration’s work to introduce a ban on spitting across the borough. We asked her for an update a week ago, and have been met only with deafening silence. Conservative Leader Susan Hall’s Spitting Ban would have likely seen people issued with fines for spitting or littering, but little progress seems to have been made by the present administration on continuing that policy. 90% of iharrow.com readers thought a ban on spitting was a good idea. What’s most odd is that this very project was one of Labour’s key pledges, and now they seem to have gone silent on it: “Introduce on the spot fines for littering in our streets to help clean up Harrow” and “Introduce on the spot fines for littering, spitting, dog fouling and urinating in public” (source).

In further bad news for residents, the paper also reports that the Neighbourhood Champions scheme will see a cut of £100,000 in that funding as well. The scheme, which encourages a resident in every street across the borough to report flytipping, damage to streets and pavements, broken streetlights and other local problems, was introduced by Cllr Hall’s administration. Labour’s manifesto talks about replacing “neighbourhood champions with community champions, making sure the community is at the centre of everything we do,” yet nobody in the administration has managed to tell us what that means.

And as for potholes? Don’t get us started…

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  1. Rupika Dave

    Does David Perry have a probation period in his contract? Given he has failed to achieve his agreed objectives should his employers e.g us the taxpayers not terminate his contract for non performance?

  2. mike mcfadden

    A Chief Executive is needed by loony-left as an integral part of it’s strategy of hiding behind bureaucracy. Have a collective to make decision you can destroy a Country/Council/Business by subterfuge and by the time the electorate realises they have made off with their ill-gotten gains and left one holy mess. Usually a collapse financially or otherwise. Remember, for Communism to succeed it needs to bring every one and every thing to it knees. “Except themselves of course”
    The Loony-left needs to create fear then throw tax-payers money at it until its all gone and from the ashes build their view of utopia. Where the loonies rule as the Nu-Royalty and you and me have nothing!!! Remember, its their Utopia NOT mine or yours.

  3. Lisa

    I think you will find that no full time Employee of Harrows street cleansing department will lose their job, it will be agency workers that will be leaving.Harrows Street cleaning, grounds maitainance and refuse deparments are using a lot of agency workers to get services done.

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    Rupuka Dave

    “Does David Perry have a probation period in his contract? Given he has failed to achieve his agreed objectives should his employers e.g us the taxpayers not terminate”

    Rupuka, what a brilliant idea! I wish you were council leader. Also, perhaps the councillors could do some VOLUNTEERING and donate some of their expenses instead of using the position of councillor as a means to increase their bank balance.

    Refusing funding for Neighbourhood Champions is a stupid course of action. Neighbourhood Champions volunteer (yes, for FREE) to report fly tipping, non-functioning street lights, pot holes etc. to the Council. Perhaps the council do not want these things reported because then they would have to do something about them and the Champions would notice they were not being done.

    As far as the name change is concerned, I cannot understand the reasoning behind it. I suppose they will say they are looking into it along with the pot holes.

  5. j p hobbs

    Harrow will become one big pothole under Labour its half way there already .

  6. sonoo malkani

    If there is any truth in what Lisa has said about only agency workers losing their jobs in the street cleaning and allied departments one assumes they are rather costly to employ.So,why not have non-agency employees replace some of them to add to the bank of full time employees who she says will be retained.

    It’s good to know the Council agrees that .Harrow Town Centre must be kept spic and span.However that should not be at the cost of the rest of Harrow!We understand certain cuts must be made but this sounds like a drastic cut which is bound to impact negatively on the environment,public health as well as public safety for a neglected looking area draws criminals to its bosom like bees to honey!

    To compound this it seems there will be a very large cut of £100,000 to Neighbourhood Champions who will be re-named Community Champions!Their remit might change or be increased to include what they did not agree to do when they first joined.On top of that we have already used precious tax-payer pounds to print literature and other supporting materials for the Neighbourhood Champions.IDoes that mean all this will be wastefully trashed?Also,the new web-site has been promoted only a few months back.Is all that going to be scrapped?

    This is bound to impact badly on our excellent policing.I am sure the Borough Commander is concerned about the cuts to Neighbourhood Champions’ funding and the unnecessary tinkering which is going on with something that has worked so well!Complete madness!

    I understand all political parties want to have their “own brand ” stamped all over the product,——-especially with the General Elections beckoning in the background.However,this kind of unnecessary wastage is inexcusable at a time when we are all struggling to look for more effective use of our limited resources.

    What other services must we lose and suffer under this new regime?Perhaps someone could enlighten me what benefits will accrue from these changes.

  7. the red mirror

    to be honest you wont notice the difference i can tell you that there is one hell of a lot of dead wood on harrow council so anything to make it leaner and meaner is fine in my book real world people none of them would last 5 minitues in the private sector and you all know it.

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