Jun 18 2011

Harrow to introduce ‘roadwork permits’ soon?

A snippet of transport news – Harrow has just had it’s application for implementing permitting for roadworks in the borough approved by the Transport Minister, Norman Baker. The scheme should force utility companies to apply for and obtain permits before carrying out road and streetworks.

Harrow was just one of a batch of eight who applied; the other boroughs are Greenwich, Harrow, Lambeth, Newham, Richmond, Southwark and Waltham Forest.

Transport minister Norman Baker has approved applications from a further seven London boroughs to implement permitting for road and streetworks. Eighteen boroughs and Transport for London already operate the permit scheme.

Activities which would require a permit to be obtained are:

  • all activities that involve the breaking up or resurfacing of any street;
  • all activities that involve the opening of the carriageway or cycleway of traffic sensitive streets at traffic-sensitive times;
  • all activities that require the use of any form of temporary traffic control as defined in the Code of Practice for Safety at Street Works and Road Works;
  • all activities that reduce the number of lanes available on a carriageway of three or more lanes;
  • all activities that require a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order or notice, or the suspension of pedestrian crossing facilities;
  • all activities that require a reduction in width of the existing carriageway of a traffic-sensitive street at a traffic-sensitive time;
  • pole testing which involves excavation and any reinstatement following pole testing whether it involves any of the above criteria or not.
  • street lighting.


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