Jan 16 2014

Harrow to Open Two New Outdoor Gyms

harrow_council_logo2Two new Outdoor Gyms are planned to open this summer.

Harrow Council is determined to support residents to be more active and fight conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes etc by opening two new Outdoor Gyms this summer, thanks to a grant of £27,000 awarded from the London Marathon Trust Fund.

These specially designed facilities are free for any resident to use and will join the existing six Outdoor Gyms situated in parks and open spaces around the borough. The two new gyms will be sited at West Harrow Recreation Ground and Headstone Manor Recreation Ground – areas identified as having low levels of physical activity amongst residents. These Outdoor Gyms complement the borough’s other leisure offers such as the recently refurbished Harrow Leisure Centre.

Residents will have support to use the equipment from Harrow’s Outdoor Gym Activators, specially trained fitness volunteers who are available on specified days/times to help residents use the gym equipment, often for the first time. Available for any and all residents to use for free, the Council will also be working with partner organisations to encourage use of the gyms by key groups in the community known to need encouragement and support to take up physical activity such as people over 60, single mothers and Asian women.

The existing six outdoor gyms across the borough have proved to be popular amongst residents (especially during the summer months) and residents have incorporated other activities such as fitness classes, walks, jogs and yoga around the use of the gyms. More information on the gyms and the Outdoor Gym Activators can be found on our Healthy active lifestyle webpage.

Cabinet Member for Community and Culture, Councillor Manji Kara said:

“With all the publicity around at the moment about rising levels of obesity nationally, this is fantastic news for the borough. Our outdoor gyms are already a great success with evidence that users are making good use of the equipment. I am even a regular user myself! Best of all, these are free and open to all ages and fitness levels.

“Outdoor gyms give our residents fairer opportunities to take part in health and fitness activities – and make exercise fun and social. And residents can also use our fantastic Harrow Leisure Centre which has recently been refurbished and now offers over 80 different classes a week as well as excellent sports activities at a very reasonable cost.”

The outdoor gyms are expected to be in place by the summer with a range of cardiovascular and endurance equipment:

  • Double station surfer
  • Double station leg press
  • Double station chest press
  • Single skier – (cross trainer)
  • Single horseback rider – (seated rower)
  • Multi station body twister

All this talk of keeping fit reminds us of this video. Who’s that on the green bike, right at the start?


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  1. sonoo malkani

    Great news.Any initiative providing opportunities to exercise,FREE of CHARGE ,open to everybody has to be good news.Hope the local residents make the effort to make full use of this and get fitter!

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