Oct 20 2012

Harrow to Protect a Further 35 Historic Buildings

Harrow Council will add another 35 historic structures and buildings to their list of special or historically significant buildings in the borough. This will be done alongside publication of a new guide to help owners manage these important buildings for the future.

Harrow currently has over 700 buildings on the local list consisting of schools, residential homes, pubs and churches. The new additions will expand this list to include a fire station, cinema and an Air Raid Wardens’ post.

Amongst the additions to the list is the grave of First World War hero, Leefe Robinson, who is buried at All Saints Church Cemetery in Harrow Weald. Leefe Robinson is an important historical figure in Harrow as he was the first British pilot during the war to shoot down a German airship over England. For these heroics he was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest honour that can be given to a solider. He later died at his sister’s home in Stanmore, in 1918, as a result of the Spanish flu.

The Underground Air Ministry Citadel, otherwise known as Station Z in the grounds of the Kodak site and other important landmarks including Pinner Fire Station and The Case is Altered Pub in Harrow Weald are also recognised.

Portfolio holder of Planning and Regeneration, Councillor Keith Ferry, said “It’s great that Harrow Council is preserving the Borough’s culturally diverse history. The identification and recording of these buildings and the publication of our owners guide mark are ways in which we hope harrows historical heritage can be safeguarded and managed for future generations.”

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