Feb 11 2013

Harrow West’s Tory Candidate – Online fail

hanna_davidHannah David, the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for the next election, has tried to reach out to the online twitter crowd. Joining only three weeks ago, we’re treated to a right riveting flow of tweets – 22 to be exact – over that time. Our analysis:

Two tweets to say she’s uploaded photos to Facebook. One of those goes to a facebook error page, the other shows her standing next to a variety of street signs. We particularly like the photos outside Civic Centre – one shows her clambering on a wall, the other looks like, well, have a look yourself.

There’s a gripping tweet from the frontlines of the M25 this morning: “M25 in the snow and rain. Lovely. Avoid it this am!” Not sure she should be tweeting whilst stuck in traffic, but that’s just our opinion.

A couple of re-tweets get a mention – one about some congratulations to a guy up in Dudley who’s been chosen as a candidate there, and one about something going on in Israel – all relevant to Harrow West how, exactly?

You can follow her tweets here: @HannahDavid4HW. Finally, we thought we’d go to her website: hannahdavid.co.uk. Big fail, it just goes to a Google homepage.

Update: We made a complete hash of this article, so its now fixedt! Updated thanks to input from SL. Looks like the online fail is catching!



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  1. Stephen Lewis

    First of all her name is Hannah David and not Hannah West.Secondly she is not the candidate for the upcoming by election , she is our PPC for the next general election.

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